Our Day Out By Willy Russell

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The play Our Day Out by Willy Russell.

"Our Day Out"

The play "Our Day Out" by WillyRussellraised many questions about
education, school trips, and how teachers react to different and less
able kids. In my C.E.L. I shall answer two important questions that I
feel were raised in this play, and explain how the writer made me
aware of these issues. I shall also explain clearly my response to
these issues.

"Mrs. Kayscans the beach, Carolcannot be seen." This is something
whichdefinitelywould not happen on a school trip nowadays. A pupils
lost. The first question raised in the play was whether school trips
are dangerous or worth the risk. Mrs. Kay was supposed to take a group
of kids to Conwy Castle however on the way there they visited a zoo, a
funfair, and the beach. This is something which simply wouldn't be
allowed to happen on a modern day school trip as there are too many
rules and restrictions to follow and teachers have no freedom with the
kids on school trips which I feel is perhaps wrong. Some of the kids
on the trip in "Our Day Out" had never seen the sea and wouldn't have
know what it was if they hadn't been on that trip. I think that all
pupils who have never been to the sea, a museum, or a gallery should
be given the chance to go so that they can experience the same as
everyone else. All trips nowadays are thought to be dangerous and
teachers must fill in lots of forms and make justifications and
assurances just to take pupils out on a simple trip to a museum. This
puts many teachers off going on school trips. If the trip from the
play occurred today, which it wouldn't, the teachers would probably
lose their jobs. I feel teachers should be allowed more opportunity to
take kids n this sort of trip as the pupils would have more fun and
get to know their teachers better which I think is important for
learning. Also we must consider that there have only been around
twenty two deaths in the last seven years on British school trips.
This may seem like allot but when you think of how many thousands of
school trips there have been in the last seven years and the millions
of pupils who have participated that isn't a great deal of deaths. In
my opinion...

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