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Our Education System Is Killing Creativity

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It is often said that the creative adult is the child that survived, implying that there was some kind of death that occurred along the way. Logic knows what I had yet to figure out in leaving university; creativity cannot exist in solidarity. I cannot wake up one day and decide, “I will be creative without the preceding training and skills that are crucial to the creative process.” Dr. Larry Dossey, a physician of internal medicine says it as so: “Someone who doesn’t know arithmetic will never be a great mathematician. A tone deaf person will never compose majestic music and someone who is not grounded in the classics can never be a great philosopher” (Dossey, 2013).
Herein lies the problem. The children that we are educated are and will be faced with new challenges that current education systems all over the world have been failing to meet. It would seem that structures of mass domain education suppress the innately imprinted creativity found in every living person and widely known specialist on the subject, Sir Ken Robinson, goes as far as saying that we are, “educating people out of their creativity” (Giang, 2013). But if the school system is to make adjustments to explore and cultivate creativity more how are they to do so without losing total structure? Robinson acknowledges this by saying that, “in every creative approach some of the things we’re looking for are hard, if not impossible to quantify. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t matter.”
For nostalgia’s sake I recently hired one of my favourites’ from the movie store, Steven Spielberg’s 1993 hit blockbuster, Jurassic Park. The storyline is interesting.
A billionaire builds an island theme park that is populated by dinosaurs created from prehistoric DNA. He then lures a select team of paleontologists to tour the park to attest to its safety so that his lawyers can sign off on the opening of the park. While touring the labs, accompanying mathematician, Dr. Ian Malcolm confronts one of the hired scientists, Henry Wu, who claimed that they would have no problems with in-breeding because all breeding had to happen within the laboratory. They had so adjusted the gigantic lizards’ chromosomes so that only females would be bred. Malcolm’s argument with Wu was that life cannot be contained and that it “breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through boundaries… life finds a way”.
In the promotion of standardized education and constricted views of intelligence we have tried to do exactly what Wu and his team of scientists tried to do: make clones under the illusion that we have full control. Again, Sir Ken Robinson says that, “the regime of standardized thinking has led us to think that if you can’t count it… it doesn’t count” (Vincent, 2013). But humans are incredibly diverse and the environment we are living in is more dynamic now than ever before. During the 19th century the need of...

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