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In this day and age, it’s super important to be cost efficient with your money and anything you may spend it on. It is important to be cost and energy efficient because you could always use more money, you could have the same kind of appliances but just using less energy and you could also be saving the Earth. In this project, we were presented with trying to build a house that was both eco-friendly and cost efficient. It is important to have energy efficient homes because it can lower your energy bill, it could keep your heat where you need it if you chose the right products, and it would help you have more money in your pocket if you have lower bills.
When coming up with the design for our home, we wanted to have something that was cost efficient but still covered the needs of a medium size family. For a few rooms, we decided to go with a paint that would cover well but would be cheaper than a name brand. For our online 3D design, we used HomeSyler.com. We thought that it would be easier to use than another online site. We didn’t make any changes to our online model. The only thing we changed with a couple of rooms’ paints and floorings. When we scaled down our graph paper design, we first counted the squares that it covered then we used a scale down graph and we scaled a 1 inch square to 0.5 inch. It’s important to make sure that your scale is accurate because you don’t want to have your house all different sizes than what they need to be.
While our guest speaker Mr. Julio was here, he talked a lot about how heating and cooling is important for a building, house or any indoor place that needs heating or cooling. He talked about how it was important to have heating in your house during winter. He also talked about how it was important to have insulation in your house to keep more heat in your house. He also talked about how it was smart to have a light colored shingles on your house so that more heat will be absorbed in the summer. When it came to the heating ducts, he has to measure how far away it is from stop A to spot B. Then he has to cut and bend the mettle to how he needs it.
It is important to understand area for flooring because the flooring comes in area and you need to know how much flooring you need for each of your rooms. For detentions, you have to times your length by width. For our living room, we used carpet and the total cost of the flooring is $324.90 at $1.14 per square foot. We used some eco-friendly paint in our exercise room. I think that we chose good stuff for our rooms.
For our gallery walk, we had to have a 3D model of our house. At first it was difficult to use the scale model, but after a few times of trying it, it got easier. When building our scale model, we had to use a piece of...

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