My Personal Exercise Plan Essay

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My Personal Exercise Plan

The sport I will be training for is Golf.

Specific fitness requirements of that activity

Upper and lower body strength: To be able to resist the force of the
golf club and to be able to hit the ball further

Power: To be able to increase length to my shots allowing me to hit
the ball further with more control

Flexibility: To be able to complete a trunk rotation whenever needed
and to turn completely to make a follow though so that the body can
then clear the way for the club, also allows straighter and more
accurate shots.

Balance: To be able to hold the golf swing and follow-through posture
for the amount of time needed for the ball to come to rest, vital
skill but I appreciate the fact that this is very hard to improve.

Co-ordination: To be able to focus on the ball and to get the head of
the golf club on plane and to hit the ball in a striking area, which
is different for all golfers depending on their ability, this is a
vital skill but I also appreciate the fact that this skill is also
very hard to improve.

Muscular Endurance: To be able to last the amount of holes needed to
be played.

Identify your individual needs

My individual needs are to be able to complete the sport in a way that
betters my handicap to do this I will need to improve:

· My upper and abdominal muscle strength as the test data shows that
the strength in the muscle could be improved and therefore help my

· My cardiovascular endurance as the test data shows that this could
be improved but only slightly, I am happy with my bleep test results,
as I have proved that I am fit for my sport. But this is a key to most
sporting activities as you have to keep your muscles going until your
sport has finished, that means for me on average 3-4 hours for a round
of golf sometimes more if the competition is 36 holes. So my
cardiovascular endurance could be improved further.

· Flexibility I can easily improve this by stretching every night. I
was disappointed with my sit and reach results as they showed that I
am not that flexible, and in golf this is a key feature.

Things that I need to maintain:

· My fitness level, as I am pleased with this.

· My grip strength, as it helps strengthen forearms and they are a key
muscle in golf.

Current exercise regime

Daily program










School P.e




P.e x2

18 hole competition

* 18 hole competition


10 press + sit ups + swing training



*9 holes practice + weight training

9 holes practice and 10 press + sit ups


10 press + sit ups + swing training

*Sometimes I...

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