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Our Failing Education System Essay

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Waiting for Superman both disgusted me and inspired me. It disgusted me to see our education system in such disarray while no one seems willing to make or allow any changes to occur, yet I was inspired to do my best to be a light in a failing system. From this movie and the readings I have done in this class, I realized that America is never going to have an education system that everyone agrees with, so the only thing we can do as a teacher is to ensure we are preparing young minds for the future as best as we possibly can.
Something I have learned about equal educational opportunities for citizens in America is that there have never been equal educational opportunities in America. ...view middle of the document...

Essentially it is decided by where that child lives, if the child lives within the zoning lines of that school than the child attends that school and the child cannot go to another school if that school is a public school without programs such as magnets. So, a child can be easily forced to go to a school that is not very successful in teaching children and therefore not receive a good education. Most kids, who struggle in school and do not receive help, end up dropping out. Most kids, who drop out, stay within the same neighborhood that they've always lived in. Add a horrible school to a neighborhood that produces a lot of drop outs, and that neighborhood begins to fail as well as the school. This is one of the impacts that residential segregation can cause, as talked about in the movie, and it is a very negative impact. Another impact that residential segregation can cause is forcing kids to be tracked. In the film, Emily lived in a good residential area with a great school yet because that school participated in tracking she was most likely going to end up on a track that would not adequately prepare her for her future. With residential segregation, it is easier to track in schools because kids have no other option than to be put on a...

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