Our Fantasies Can Be More Powerful Than Reality,

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Whether fantasy can be more powerful than the universally accepted version of ‘reality’ is debatable. Phillip Dick had once claimed, ‘reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away,’ suggesting the existence of things that are fundamentally and inevitably real. Conversely, Albert Einstein’s proposal that reality itself is ‘merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one,’ also seems valid. Perhaps then, the extent to which fantasy can take precedence over any objective truth depends on one’s willingness to self-delude and construct their ideal world. And only when accepted by others or the need to feel in control of our lives is prominent, can it become almost real ...view middle of the document...

’ In essence, although we view it ‘through the spectacles of our beliefs, attitudes and values,’ reality remains ever present and ‘dominates’ most peoples’ lives.
Despite there being an unalterable aspect of life, we can consciously construct fantasies if we simply don’t agree with that on offer. This tendency to ‘hide’ from factual happenings or ‘pick and choose’ may be an intrinsic part of the human nature. It often is the consequence of negative emotions being linked to a past or present experience. Forcing us to seek comfort and protection in a fantasised world where things are much better. Blanche’s illusive life is indicative of this. Since childhood, her sensitivity and fragility has clashed with the forceful nature of those in society and caused her emotional pain, ‘Nobody was tender and trusting as she was. But people like you…forced her to change.’ However, it’s apparent that she didn’t merely change. Rather, she constructed a fantasy that satisfied her desires. To remain ‘young and beautiful’, to deny the revolutionising world where aristocracy was disintegrating and, her past, the traumatic death of her young husband and loss of Belle Reve. So unlike Stanley, instead of adjusting accordingly, Blanche attempts to make her environment adapt to her ideal. This is reminiscent also of Jay Gatsby in the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. Following the loss of Daisy from his then poor life, Gatsby’s inability to cope had conjured a grand scheme to reclaim her. By being so fixated on this wild hope for Daisy, now a married woman, he unwittingly allows himself to reside in a world perpetuating a childish fantasy.
All of these creations seem minor compared to ‘the bigger picture’ and can only bear significance in the ‘real’ world if allowed to consume our very being or, is validated by others. The most common disputes of fantasy versus reality are those science related. A belief in the existence of UFOs and aliens...

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