Our Future Is Not Doom And Gloom

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Chicago, Illinois - the democratic city where current president of the United States, Barack Obama, was put onto the map of America’s future. Earlier this month, while I was walking through the busy streets of downtown Chicago, I heard multiple remarks about our president being spoken. Some negative, but mostly positive. Some citizens believe that Obama is ruining our nation’s future, but in all honesty, there is no other nation that is ready to take over America’s superpower. Personally, I do not have a negative outlook for the future of America, my belief is just the opposite. Throughout history, there have always been naysayers. My question is why people are always looking at the negatives when there are so many positive situations occurring?
Take the rise of education for example. There has been a general increase in the amount of students continuing on to higher education. The numbers will show that not only are there more students going for two-year degrees, but the numbers of students enrolling in four-year programs are increasing as well. There are many new and exciting degrees evolving. The choices range from technology majors all the way through various degrees in medical studies. There is a debate as to the Asian and European countries surpassing the U.S. in both math and sciences, but that is not going to affect the outcome of increasing our overall technology. America has always been the world’s melting pot. Immigrants have been coming to America to better their way of life, and with that they bring their strengths. Just because a C.E.O. of a major corporation is not a math major does not mean he cannot advance his business position. If he needs strength in math and science, they will advertise those openings in the trade magazines and hire accordingly. America has a good grasp on business opportunities and there are more than enough students majoring in finance and business administration to take place of those who retire.
In addition to the advancement in education is America’s advancement in technology. Take note in how quickly the markets anticipate some new electronic, such as a new iPhone or a new computer. Ten years ago people had a separate landline, GPS, computer, television, and camera. These days, we have all of those electronics fit into one so small that a single person can hold it with one hand. America is still the trend setter for what the rest of the world wants and needs. For example, in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and Egypt, although the people do not have potable water or...

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