Our Sugar Intake Must Be Reduced

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Our Sugar Intake Must be Reduced!

     Everyone that has grown up in this culture has memories of eating sweets as a child. They seem so harmless and yet they are dangerous. They can cause many health problems when taken in excess. It really is time that parents start to limit their child's sugar intake. The consequences are unbearable.


There are many problems that result from the intake of too many sugar products. First, they can cause malnutrition. Secondly, too much sugar can cause obesity. And the final point deals with the external effect that sugar has on humans, mainly kids. This is the fact that sugar causes tooth decay.


Children are very susceptible to the dangers of sugar, more so than adults. This is because children are not as educated about nutrition as adults are. For this reason, parents should look out for their kids. Children also seem to enjoy snack food. They always seem to want a cookie or a piece of candy. Children are naturally drawn to the sweetness of foods that contain sugar.


A major drawback of consuming too much sugar is that it causes malnutrition. If a person, a child for example, eats foods containing a high amount of sugar, he or she will be less inclined to eat other foods that contain a high amount of nutrients. Thus the child will not, in fact, get all the nutrients that he or she needs. This is how the abuse of sugar leads to malnutrition (p.78). Parents should take a conscious effort to draw their children away from food products loaded with sugar. They should feed them more nutritious food because it is important that a child receives all of his or her basic nutrients, especially since a child is in a growing stage.


Another problem that sugar causes in humans is obesity. Many children are rewarded for eating healthy food with a dessert. This causes more problems than parents realize. It causes the body to eat more calories than necessary; therefore, it causes obesity.


It isn't necessarily the dessert itself that causes obesity. Obesity is only found in extreme cases. This is where a child consumes all necessary vitamins and minerals and still eats products loaded with sugars. Sugars have relatively no nutritional value. They are known as "empty calories." Eating all necessary nutrients would be enough, so extra "treats" will cause a jump in the calorie level. These extra calories are stored in body fats for future use. So sugar can cause obesity. (p. 78.)


Another major catastrophe caused by the excessive intake of sugar is tooth decay. This is why one's dentist always recommends to cut back on the sweets. Sugar can cause tooth decay faster than any other food source. This is because sugars are classified as a type of carbohydrate. Any type of carbohydrate can cause tooth decay, but since sugars are so naturally sticky, they keep in contact with the tooth much longer than other foods. If the sugar is not...

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