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Our Golden Cross Country Year Essay

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In the fall of 2013, Cross Country returned to Council High School. It had been a long wait. Mr. Joyce and I had been talking for years about bringing Cross Country back to Council. We fought and fundraised for this forgotten sport. We shed blood, sweat, tears, and maybe a little vomit on the sand track and trails surrounding Council High School. Council’s first year of having Cross Country back was not only fun, but an experience.
We began practicing sporadically throughout the summer of 2013. During this time, we typically practiced in the sweet, cool twilight or even in the inky black fog of night. The serious practices began in early August. In those first few weeks, practice was ...view middle of the document...

The races went well and finally allowed Alex and I to run a Cross Country race.
The next five meets when off without a hitch. During this time we traveled to McCall, a course chalked full of mountain trails, Vale, a course with a gnarly hill, Nyssa and New Plymouth, a flat race courses, and Melba, one of the hardest courses on our schedule. During these five meets, we improved our times tremendously. However we did have our mistakes, like getting lost going to McCall and Melba. Throughout the season, we found that Google Maps were very confusing.
Our final meet was the District III A1/A2 Championship at Melba. We took an extra week off to prepare for this monumental event. The ride down to Melba seemed like it took a million years, but finally we arrived at Celebration Park. By the time the Men’s 5km Varsity race was ready, it was twilight with a damp smell in the air. The river ran noisily nearby and the course was shaded by the steep of the gorge. The starter ushered us into our team’s position. Then, he counted us to see if anyone was missing.

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