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Our Government Is Doing What? Essay

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The Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is going through a financial crisis. Looking at the schools, it can be hard to believe that about eight years ago the schools all over California were being renovated. What happened? First there was all the construction, people running around in hard hats, portable classrooms sitting out on the blacktop, new class rooms and fancy equipment. Now teachers are being laid off, class sizes are growing and the government cut two billion dollars from the K-12 school funding. The worst part is they are not alone.College students are also paying the price for this budget shortfall. "According to Patrick Callan, president of the National Center for ...view middle of the document...

When the United Nations would not give funding to our war we took it out of the citizens, which is where the money went.So the education money was being used for other more pressing debts in the California government. What can be done about it? "On May 10, a group from WCC Unified organized a hunger strike to convince Schwarzenegger to fully fund education and forgive the debt owed to the state by the district. For twenty-five days they camped outside the Capitol, fasting on only water. One by one they wilted until only two remained. Schwarzenegger refused to meet with them or their representatives" (Schwarznegger's Education Failures-Shane Paul Goldmacher). These people were very dramatic in trying to get the attention of people reading the news. The words 'hunger strike' often sparks sympathy toward the group who are starving themselves. In truth, there are protestors, rallies, debates, and hunger strikes all over the news, people get used. I remember a comment made about the people camping out in the center of De Anza. "They are going too easy on themselves. They have a tent, lots of food and even a television." Whether or not it was completely true about the television is unknown, but the idea sent by the speaker is "Been there done that." Instead of camping out on the concrete protesting the raise in college tuition, there should have been more people going into class rooms encouraging people to vote. Politics take time and patience when we live in a world where things are expected now.Schwarznegger is not a monster. One of the problems with Shane Paul Goldmacher's stance on education is being extremely biased against Schwarzenegger. He wrote two pages describing the wrongs the Governor has committed. The only defense given was "Schwarzenegger did not create this mess; he inherited it. He grabbed the helm of California's sinking fiscal ship and has tried to right it. But California's beleaguered educational system suffers as Schwarzenegger refuses to budge on his disingenuous "no-tax" pledge." While this is a very moving two sentence defense, it is not as realistic since the twenty-ninth of September; when the Governor passed SB 550 and AB 2727 which together would create a minimum that all schools had to follow "regarding school facilities, teacher quality, and instructional materials and an accountability structure to enforce these...

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