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Our Health And Fast Food, A Sinopsis

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Fast Food to All Food:
1. I believe that for the sake of us as consumers being able to eat food that could potentially kill us, the animals that are raised for food purposes should have the same rights as regular farm animals. However, I don’t think a relationship between the farmer and the animal should form because it will be difficult to give up the animals for food.
2. The animals should have a right to have some exposure to fresh air and sunlight everyday. They should also be fed food that is appropriate to them. I believe this will drastically change the way the food tastes and makes us feel.
3. What this statement is saying is that farmers are not raising the chickens so that they ...view middle of the document...

6. To begin with, people can begin looking at the labels that our on our food because it’s literally all there. We just need enlighten ourselves on what all those codes and labels mean. Becoming informed by watching documentaries or doing research always helps.

Unintended Consequences:
1. I believe that in order to solve a problem, you must start at the root of the problem. In this case, the root is the people feeding corn to cows. If the cows were fed the food that they are supposed to eat in order for them to grow healthily, issues like this could be evaded. In addition, I believe the person who did not remove the meat has some fault, as well as the government. I cannot fathom how the government has no control over what these people are feeding us.
2. No, even though it was an accident I am still fully responsible for what happened. Just because it was an accident does not justify taking a person’s life away. I should have been driving more carefully, it is my entire fault.
The Dollar Menu:
1. I completely agree with this statement. Food is either cheap and really unhealthy or pricey, but healthy. Vegetables and fruit cost a lot more than a meal off the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s. Another thing, usually salads at fast food places are more expensive than a greasy unhealthy burger. It’s as if corporate America is promoting unhealthy eating.
2. They have made genetically modified burgers as cheap as one dollar. They don’t care about an...

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