Our Journey Through The City Streets Of Paris At Night

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Paris is a beautiful city during the day, but at night, it changes. The first thing that is seen are all the lights from the shops, buildings and streetlights. These lights brighten up Paris and give it a different but just as beautiful perspective at night. The Eiffel Tower, one of the top attractions in Paris that tourists come to see can be described as an iron, lace work of art, and the most recognized structure in the world, and at night with the glow of its lights, it stands out like a guiding lighthouse. We could see this beautiful tower wherever we stood day or night.
My choir group was invited to sing in some of the cathedrals in Paris. One night after we had a concert ...view middle of the document...

We had another concert the next day so we decided to head back to our hotel. Our tour guide knew how to get us back by the subway. As a group we walked to the subway, and started to follow Tim our tour guide, down some dark steps, these steps had a dark scary feel to them; there were no lights until the bottom of the steps. There was graffiti on the walls going down and trash. The smell was the worst part of walking down, as it smelled as if there was moldy food mixed with sweat, and a wet dog smell. The steps felt like it would take years to go down as the smell started to become more and more overwhelming. Finally, I was at the bottom of the stairs, where our tour guide Tim who had an English accent had told us “We need to be careful and move fast as the train doors open and close quickly. Hurry and stay together when getting on and be cautious of pickpockets. Be prepared to get off at the third station stop.” He was not joking about the train doors being so fast; once we all ran onto the train we then found some seats. My dad and brother stood as we rode the train, I noticed how the train smelled like dirty clothes mixed with the smell of sweat and cigarettes. The chairs were cold and made of steel; there was graffiti on the walls of the train as well. Overall, the appearance was not the best.
On the first stop that we made, there were three guys that came on, they were wearing baggy clothes, one was wearing a baseball cap backwards and the other two had bandanas around their heads. These guys started to get really close to my dad and one was trying to distract him while another tried to take his glasses off. My brother came closer to my dad and started to say something when my dad spoke up and told the guys to back away. Two of the dads who were in our group saw what was happening and moved closer to my dad so that these guys knew he was not alone. The three guys gave up trying to harass my dad and got off at the second stop. I looked out of the train doors as they left and saw that the guy who was in charge was disappointed that his guys could not take anything from us Americans. The train then continues to our stop and then the night would be over. However, that would be too easy; the conductor of the train comes on the speaker and states, “The next stop’s station is closed for the night, our train will continue to our final stop. Thank you for riding with us.” With this being said, Tim told us, “As our stop is closed we will get off at the final stop, and then we will have to walk back to the hotel”. We continued the train ride and got off at the final stop once we were all off we walked up the dirty, stairs, which contained trash and had a horrible odor just like the stairs we came down to get on the subway in the beginning. All together, the subway stations had a horrible smell. Once we were off the subway we put our backpacks in front of us as we were told that there were many pickpockets on the streets....


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