Our Lady Of Angels: Tragedy In Chicago

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December 1st, 1958 tragedy comes to Chicago, the catholic school Our Lady of Angels is a blase a fire has started in the basement of the north wing of the school at the bottom of the stairwell and is roaring through the north wing in a matter of minuets despite the best efforts of the Chicago fire department the north wing is nearly a total loss resulting in the death of 90 people died in the blaze and 5 more were critically injured resulting in deaths. Through my research I have sought to find the role that the construction of the building has played in the precipitation of this tragedy.
The Our Lady of Angels school house was a type 3 construction. The school was divided into two wings the north and south wings. The fire started in the basement of the north wing near the boiler room and burned undiscovered in a stairwell until the heat of the fire became too great and broke a window adjacent to the staircase under demolition by fire and caused an influx of new oxygen to fuel the flames. Some important things to note about the construction of the school are: One, that all major exits and the stairwells were made of combustible materials. Two, that there was only one fire exit located at the end of the hall on the second floor in an unprotected corridor Near the stairwell close to the source of the fire. Lastly, there was no fire protection, there were no sprinklers or fire pull stations located in the north wing and all of the 5 extinguishers that were present were located seven feet off of the ground which made access to them incredibly difficult even for adults.
The fire started at approx. 1415 hours and burns slowly for the first few minuets carrying heat and smoke up the unprotected stairwell and into a hole leading to the cockloft which will ultimately result in the collapse of the roof in the later stages of the fire. Around 15 minuets later a window near the fire will shatter and will provide a great deal of oxygen for the fire to feed from at this time the heat in the hallway increases tremendously however, the smoke in the hall remains unnoticed by all staff and students. Around 1445 the first Chicago Fire Department (CFD) units arrive on scene and the first fire alarm since the beginning of the blaze rings out through the school, however, at this point the heat and smoke in the second floor is becoming too great and is forcing students to plummet from windows in an attempt to save themselves from the heat and smoke approximately 3 minuets after the first CFD personnel arrive the hallway of the second floor flashes over breaking the glass transoms and allowing superheated smoke and gas to enter the classrooms. Shortly after the hallway classrooms begin to flashover and more and more students succumb to the smoke and flame. By 1500 the roof of the north wing collapses and most of the remaining students and staff succumb to the rush of heat and smoke. Within the next 50 minuets the CFD races to get the blaze under control and...

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