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Our Language Changes Through Time And Events

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This work is part of my academic practice. The purpose of this study is to observe that variation of the language depends not only on the social and geographic origin but as well as it changes in according to the action which is going on by someone. For example addressing to students, writing lectures, delivering religious speech.

Chapter Two
2.1 Definition of Register
Thomas Bertram Reid was the first who used the term register for the first time in 1956. M.A.K Halliday says that register in sociolinguistics implies specific lexical and grammatical choices which are made by the speakers depending upon the situational context, participants of a conversation and the function of language in discourse. (Halliday)
M.A.K Halliday says that there are two variations in language
1) Dialect
2) Register
Dialect focuses on social or regional variation where as register is characterized by functional variation. These two terms are not completely independent of each other. Hudson states that “one man’s dialect is another man’s register”. This means that linguistic features which are part of dialect of one speaker might belong to a specific register for another speaker.
Halliday and McIntosh and Strevens(1964) gave lot of effort in the field of register in their work in 1964.they also termed register as variety according to use.
According to Trudgill (1983:101) linguistic register has been described as
Varieties which are related to profession, occupation or topics known as register. For example the register of medicine is different with the register of mathematics. Register of law and chemistry is different from each other. Usually register is characterized by vocabulary differences; either by the use of particular words, or by the use of words in a particular sense.
Register is also defined as functional variety of language.

2.2 Categorization of register on context base

The first linguist who gave attention to the concept register was Halliday in 1960s and 1970s.halliday describes this term as “a semantic concept” which “can be defined as a configuration of meanings that are typically associated with a particular situational configuration of field, mode, and tenor.” (Halliday 1990, 38f.)
2.2.1 Variables of Register
Therefore register depends upon three features.
1. Field
2. Tenor
3. Mode

Is defined as “the total event, in which the text is functioning, together with the purposive activity of the speaker or writer; it thus includes the subject-matter as one element in it” (Halliday 1994, 22).field is the context, situation that tends people to communicate. It illustrates actions and procedures which are occurring at speech time.

The register of psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics is different from each other in both lexical and grammatical level. The vocabulary used...

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