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Our Language In 500 Years Essay

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Our English language should come with a massive, luminous, advisory sign saying “under construction”. If we were to reminisce all the way back to 1450 AD, we would discover the nascent stages of our present day period of Modern English. However, when studying Shakespeare’s works, which come from the 1500’s, a translation of many of his lines is necessary for most ordinary people to comprehend all he is implying. Therefore, one can only imagine the vast amount of change that will occur to our language. I predict that within the next five centuries, we will have acquired a language desiring to be efficient, creating a less valued art of literature, and resulting in a decrease in the common vocabulary.
The highest rate of efficiency is strived for in all aspects of our current society. Our machines, human labor, learning, and businesses are continuously searching for that perfect formula that will result in one hundred percent efficiency. Therefore, what would happen if we could communicate with perfect effectiveness? What if every word we speak, portrays the precise meaning that we intend? Our conversations would be quicker and more productive if we used less filler words or expletives, elaborate descriptions, and redundant synonyms or phrases. In order to reach a language described previously, the articles “a” and “the” would be unnecessary. We would use only one of the multitudinous amount of synonyms for a single word, and when we explained an item or situation, we would describe it once and move on with the point of the story. A significant decrease in the use and incorporation of minutiae will be easily noted. Speaking in this way, using less energy to communicate the same idea and message, will result in shorter conversations, but more time for other actions. The long therapeutic talks that discuss how one is feeling will consist of fewer “beating around the bush” expressions. The verbiage of our conversations and written works will be decreased. Circumlocutions will occur less frequently, and no longer will people equivocate as often. Being blunt, direct, and efficient with words will be the norm of conversation.
However, once speaking with short and simple words becomes the way of communication, the practices of art, literature, and poetry will become less prized. As of right now, we admire the people who are eloquent and verbose public speakers, captivating authors, or persuasive journalists. However, I predict within the next five hundred years, reading novels for disport, flipping through a magazine or newspaper in the morning, or listening to drawn out speeches will be futile when one is able to just look up the summary in a quarter of the time. The extant stories will be only a select few that are exclusively popular and have an important role in our culture and history, such as the classics like Charles Dickens Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, and lastly, Beneath...

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