Our Life Belongs To The Media

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Advertising and the media are taking over how we live our lives. Major organizations use the power of the airwaves and publications to distribute their message to millions of homes. We are bombarded with so many commercial campaigns these days that it's hard to imagine a world without them. Will it ever stop? These tactics and techniques which are used, hook us so soon that by the time we are a teenager, we have experienced millions of ads. If this doesn't stop soon, we will self-detonate into a cloud of bad morals, self consciousness, and misinterpreted beliefs; however, advertising 'can' be a positive thing.The media today has an endless supply of weapons at their disposal, and it's very scary. What we believe in, and what we do, is often somehow related to something we have previously seen. Whether it is on TV, in print, or on the radio, there are numerous sources to where we get this propaganda, or in more friendly terms, the 'advertiser's message'. It's true that we're "like an oil tanker about to hit the shore, and we need to turn around." (Jhally, Sut - University of Massachusetts, Dept. of Communications). The longer this revelation goes on, the worse we will become in the future and for generations to come. We need to take our lives back before we become even more "colonized by advertising." (Jhally, Sut)It strikes me as fascinating, after all these years, and what we all know, that what we truly listen to and copy, are the good looking, but very fake promising beautiful people on TV. Have you ever seen an ugly spokesperson on an infomercial? Of course you haven't, because if they were 'normal' looking, no one would open up their wallet at two o'clock in the morning to give their credit card number over the phone. On a side note, some of these infomercials are ridiculous, and they're taking the consumers for a ride. Maybe their ad technique is that if they get you watching their campaign at crazy hours of the night, you may not even realize what you're spending your money on. This is as...

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