Our Local Farmers Market: Bartering In The Last Free Market Economy During The Month Of December

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Our local farmers market: Bartering in the last free market economy during the month of December
The farmers market is located in the heart of downtown Hilo; it attracts customers because of the local products, these products have caused the farmers market to become a desirable tourist destination. The farmers market is always changing and competing against one another in one of the last examples of a free-market economy, this is why I chose this location. Over a period of three days at four different times, (6:30 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, and 2 pm) during which I will record instances where the shopper/shopkeeper in the market attempt to barter or haggle for the best deal. This became important to me because my grandmother would set up her art at the local farmers market and sell to the public, but customers never wanted to pay full price.
If you’ve never walked through the farmers market, it is a relatively quiet place underneath the banter between shopkeeper and shopkeeper also when shopkeepers practice their sales pitch to the browsing customers. One can only describe the farmers market as a valley of white plastic tables supporting all the goods people bring. Black canopies provide shade for the network of pedestrians and their valuables, but don’t think it will be cool though; even though it’s an open air market there is a greater humidity which make the fruits more susceptible to the pockets of fruit flies/gnats that linger. Products are brought by merchants from around the island, they bring what they sell and sell what they market, once they’ve sold out or have had enough of the day, they pack up and go home and prepare for the next day’s market. There are nine hours of operation at the farmers market and this is important because the time of day defines the severity of population, sales, open vendors, and the availability of each product they sell. The morning is the peak of all the severities mentioned
In a free market economy, individuals determine supply and demand with little or no government control in the forms of taxes, subsidies or regulation. A completely free market is an idealized form of a market economy where buyers and sellers have permission to transact freely based on the mutual agreement of price. Other examples of a free market economy include garage sales and craigslist, and these examples continue to prosper in popularity.
Afternoon on a Monday you would find me sitting on a green bench looking directly through the core of the market, this was the first day of research which happened to be the first Monday of December, this was a particular experience because that day’s population in total was the most vacant I have ever seen any farmers market. This gave me an idea of who the dedicated, hard-working, and enduring people are that compose the farmers market. On this day, most traders sold perishables only a handful of the merchants sold fruits and vegetables that the other merchants didn’t supply which got me thinking...

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