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You have no idea how you made my head “kotoo” on the day you were awarded The Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year. I guess you also felt the same when I was awarded the best WASSCE Candidate in the Tarkwa Nsuem Municipal Assembly. Well, I want to say a big “AYEKOO” to you for all the great things you’ve been able to achieve at the age of fifty, irrespective of the hardships you went through. I am really proud of you.
I don’t know whether to ask about how you are doing because with a loving husband, three beautiful kids and as the CEO of Freshdew Companies, it’s obvious that you are as fit as a fiddle.
Auntie Naana, do you sometimes miss me when you think about who you were 30 years ago, the things you liked and what you believed in? Am sure you do because I heard you talking about me in one of your interviews when you were asked about your college life. I was surprised at how you vividly described me with alacrity. You made me feel I had also made you proud. But I think you made a mistake when you were talking about the courses you liked most. Social theory was not one of them. It was the lecturer you liked, and not the course itself. You said you were not going to be a politician so why study political ideologies. But I guess you’ve come to realize how useful the course was, that is probably why you are claiming it as one of your best courses.
Talking about political ideologies, do you remember you said you weren’t sure about the exact political ideology you supported, but then you had your own set of principles you believed in. I don’t know what principles you believe in as at now, but 30 years ago, you believed in the Plastic nature of humans, Freedom, Equality and Organic society. I am going to remind you of what you said about all these principles and after that I will tell you the particular ideology your principles were in line with.
30 years ago, Auntie Naana like the socialists and the anarchists believed that Human nature is plastic and subject to the shaping by experience and environmental factors and not fixed at birth as how the liberals and conservatives think. I disagree with thinkers like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke who claim that human in his state of nature is selfish and greedy, and will not hesitate to exploit other humans to his advantage (Heywood, 2012). To me, humans have the propensity to be just as selfish, greedy, and violent, as selfless, generous and compassionate but all these depend on nurture rather than nature. Human behaviour is shaped by social, economic and political circumstances. When a child is born, he or she does not know how to talk, the language to speak, things he can or can’t do, but through socialization the child learns how to talk, the language to speak and what can or cannot be done. Proper socialization both primary and secondary turns to breed responsible and rational individuals who have the ability to live peacefully and harmoniously with each other through education and enlightened...

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My paper

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My Paper

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