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Our Past. Our Future: An Evaluation On How People Show Different Things In Different Ways Because Of The Way They See The World

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Our Past, Our Future
(An evaluation on how people show different things in different ways, because of the way they see the world.)
We all see the world differently. We want to believe that we are all the same, but the truth there will always be differences. Some people just have a face that is good to look at. They are attractive, but were born with good looks. To some people this has put them ahead in life. We aren’t born equal and nothing in the world can truly prove that we were. However, we are all born with a way to make out lives better. You can be successful and do things with your life. In the end, it doesn’t matter the way you look, but what you do. If you love riding horses, go ride a horse. If you can’t accomplish science problems, don’t aim to be a rocket scientist. It is your life and you can do whatever you want to do as long as you try. When you try you find you can do so much more than you believed before. As we go do what we want and enjoy there are moments in our life when we forget out family. They raised us and created the people we are. Our life was because of them, good or bad. We have to face the future without heritage, community and the materials we have. They are a part of our life and no matter how much we push them away they will be there. In Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, we see three characters that show how the story talks about people’s history, their greed, and how they act in society.
Maggie Johnson shows within the lines of Use that our history doesn’t have to be possessions. Dee was focused on what the material possessions would provide. She thought her history was made up the objects, the little things, but not the actual people. She forgot that these people that owned the possessions made her into who she was. Dee came from them, but she wanted to change her name and change who she is. “He had lived and acted on the assumption that he was alone, and now he saw that he had not been. What he had done had made other suffer. No matter how much he would long for them to forget him, they would not be able to. His family was a part of him, not only in blood, but in spirit.” (Wright) Dee forgot the people in her life that had done everything for her. Her mom tried to do the best for and supported, but she forgot the people. Maggie was different. The possession where nice, she like how they looked and what they represented, but she had other ways to remember her heritage. Maggie loved the people. They had helped and she remembered them for what they had done and not what they could give her when it came to materials. “‘She can have them, Mama,’ she said like someone used to never winning anything, or having anything reserved for her. ‘I can ‘member Grandma Dee without the quilts.’” Her grandma had taught her how to sew and in her mind it didn’t matter. She wanted the quilts, so she could remember the people she loved. Maggie found out that she was fine being Maggie. “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself....

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