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Our Planet Is What We Make It

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Can you believe that the world puts out more than 2.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide a second! Over the past few decades, our society has been consuming massive amount of fossil fuels and our carbon footprint has been increasing rapidly. Our carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that we are releasing into our atmosphere that is contributing to Global Warming.

I feel our society needs to be more knowledgeable about energy usage, fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions. It’s a very serious issue that everyone needs to be concerned about and take action to reduce. I think that people can be conscious about their energy use and fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions, but are not aware of the choices they can make. Additionally, people are discouraged and disregarding the fact they can make a difference in their impact (carbon footprint). As well, the government and businesses need to get involved in lowering the prices on eco-friendly and energy efficient products or offering incentives to encourage people to buy eco-friendly and energy efficient products. People would not only be saving money, but also conserving energy. It’s not the only individuals that need to take consideration into their fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions, but big businesses and manufacturing are large contributors to the problem of carbon emissions and environmental destruction, and what kind of impact they are having on the earth.
In other words, once we become more aware of what can be done and are more responsible for following through with eco-conscience decisions and actions, we can significantly reduce our carbon (emissions) impact on our world.
I think our society is discouraged and not convinced that they can make a difference in their carbon footprint or impact on the earth. Mainly because people think they alone can’t make a difference in their carbon footprint or impact on the world. However, anyone can just by upgrading or investing in their houses, cars, doing simple things like turning off the lights when not being used or turning down your air conditioner when not necessary. You will always gain back from those investments or actions. Transportation is a key factor in diminishing our use of fossil fuels. There are many ways of accomplishing this, like switching to an electric car which are much cheaper to purchase now. If an electric car is not an option you, can still buy a newer car. Newer vehicles create less carbon emissions. There are also, vehicles that runs on an alternative energies like ethanol or hydrogen. All of these optimal options are being ignored because people are being ignorant of taking the effects of carbon emissions. Being more responsible in your decisions with transportation is not the only way you can help reduce your Carbon footprint. You will always gain back from these investments. People are neglecting, the fact that they can optimize their homes or buy better appliances,...

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