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Our Prespective From A Functionalist And Conflicts Theory About Discrmination In Private Clubs.

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We propose that private clubs or organizations that have members exclusively of one race or gender should not have to open their doors to others. We defend this policy by offering a sociological and ethical argument.Sociological ArgumentCurrently, there are not any laws that forbid clubs or private organizations from keeping their clubs private to those that do not meet their requirements. For instance, any club can be formed solely for men and women own no legal rights to be a part of that club. Although hard, with complete and extensive ideas and information from the functionalist point of view, it can be proven that there is good reason why clubs and organizations should remain private to specific races or genders. We choose to use the functionalist theory in order to defend our position.From a functionalist perspective, it can be said that some things are just made for men and some are just made for women. As functionalist's we promote the better good for society and we believe we are doing so here. A comfortable atmosphere is what many people need in order to take a break from the ongoing stress of everyday life. By adding comfort to the lives of men and woman everywhere, society will inevitably benefit. For example, if a man wants to start a club where it's members watch football and talk about girls, there is no room in that club for women. Sometimes a man or woman just needs to be with surrounding people that have the same point of view on the said subject. A woman may argue that she likes football and likes to discuss girls too.DeRosa/DiBenedetto 2However, a male in the already formed group may not be comfortable discussing girls in front of one. Whether the woman likes it or not, being a man or woman is an ascribed status that is assigned to them whether they wish to have it or not (Curry 2000:102). Since the club had already been formed being just males, the woman has no right to be allowed in the group or club. Perhaps the most publicized case in which this has been presented is the question of whether or not women should be allowed to join the Augusta National Golf Club. According to a report by the Associated Press in the Augusta Chronicle Daily News, roughly 75% of male members surveyed (IRC) said that they would rather the club maintain it's original status as an all-male club as opposed to having it changed to accommodate women. This may be for a number of different reasons, but 75% of members is the majority, therefore meaning it is for the better good of the club and society.Whenever the subject of maintaining the privacy of groups is brought up, the first thing to be discussed is civil laws. Whether it is racial discrimination, affirmative action, or sexual discrimination the same argument is brought up about discrimination. Tim Curry (2000:169) states that discrimination is the unfair and harmful treatment of people based on their group membership. Not being allowed into a club or group is not discrimination because there are...

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