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Our Red Princess Essay

1349 words - 6 pages

“Tamatarrrrr! TAMATAR! HA HA HA! Look at your hair! It looks like hay! It looks like tomato flavoured

hay! And you are in the shape of a Tomato too!”, shouted Pandu , laughing at Mira crouching in the

corner of the playground. When the sun hit Mira’s hair, it looked very much like tomato flavoured hay.

Mira didn’t like how she had red hair and how she looked like a tomato. Mira didn’t want to be called

Tamatar, Rudolph the red-haired Reindeer or even carrot head. Because, sometimes her wild, red and

spring-like hair even looked orange and all the boys and girls at school made fun of her for it!

Crying, she got up from the corner and ran home, home to her Papa. Her Papa would help her out. He

would at least give her a chocolate to make her feel better. Papa always had something for her.

She entered her house, wailing and in tears. “Papa! They’re all making fun of me again! Why do I have

this hair?! They all call me a tomato! No one likes me! No one wants to be friends with me! They all

laugh at me and tug my hair when I walk near them. It hurts!”, she said.

Now, Papa knew how to make Mira feel better. He always gifted her something when she became like

this. Otherwise, she wouldn’t stop! So he caught hold of her and wiped her cheeks and said, “But you

are a cute tomato! Come! Wipe your tears now. I have something for you!”

At this, Mira’s face lighted up. She knew that Papa was going to gift her something. She asked excitedly,

“Have a little patience! Let me go get it for you”, said Papa.

So Papa went inside and got back a small,-square shaped, wooden box. He gave it to her and asked her

to open it. And when she did, what she found really excited her! It was a small angel that sprang up and

twirled with music! Papa had given her a music box.

“Whenever you feel sad, open this box and you will feel happy again. This angel will help you!”, said

Excitedly, she took it back to her play room and opened it up again. The music was so sweet to hear!

And the angel looked very pretty. How Mira wished she could be like her. As she was listening to the

music and staring at the angel, suddenly, the shape of the angel started changing. She grew bigger and

bigger as she twirled. And suddenly, there was a big angel in front of her, no longer a doll! This angel

was real and the music box was empty. Mira was staring at her with wonder. She looked even prettier

this big. Her wings were flapping around her and her eyes were closed. Suddenly she opened her eyes

and bent down low in front of Mira.

“Princess! I have finally found you! Our Red Princess! I am truly blessed”, said the Angel.

“What? Princess? Me?!”, exclaimed Mira, surprised.

“Yes, Princess. You are the Princess of our land. We have been searching for you for a long time now. I

was able to find you with your red hair. Only our true Princess would have this hair.”

“I’m no Princess! I’m just Mira! Nice to meet you!”

“No, Princess. You are our treasure....

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