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Our Relationship With God As The Pathway Toward Happiness

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Believe it or not, nobody is perfect. Because everyone lacks the Divine truth of the word of God, there is no pathway that leads to perfection. From a Christian's point of view, to achieve perfection means to live precisely the way Jesus of Nazareth has lived His life; to live exactly the way He preaches to His followers, which is impossible. Likewise, from the non-believers' perspective, perfection cannot be obtained. However, does this imply that Christians live better lives than non-believers because Christians follow Jesus more and are striving more to keep His word? Our relationship with God is said by priests, biblical scholars, pastors, and many other teachers of the Sacred Scriptures to be the most important part of our lives. Jesus is the Son of God, the one who gave up His life in order to relieve our sins. Jesus was sinless because He is the Son of God. Jesus was perfect. On the other hand, none of us as mortal human beings are perfect -- however we are still loved by God unconditionally. This does not mean that we are Divine. Our relationship with God would be closer if we had sinned less than we actually have. So why are we loved unconditionally? And does God love us all equally? How does this contradict with the ideology that some people have a closer relationship with God than other people? Also, why is there a Heaven and a Hell? In this essay I will use the article The Relational God: Aquinas and Beyond, written by Catherine M. LaCugna as a reference for my new idea, which is that our relationship with God, regardless of our religious background or lack thereof, is the ultimate cause of good in our lives.
I will start off by suggesting the idea that as Christian followers, our relationship with God directly correlates with how successful we are in life, as followers. Christians, like myself, devote our lives to God and it makes us good, for God created all things to be good, for God is the founder of all good. Satan, on the other hand, is the founder of all bad. Therefore, if we only follow good practices in life, we become closer to God. Therefore God becomes closer to us as we walk away from the flesh and towards the Spirit.
As we walk closer to the Spirit, all of the good things in life come naturally. Not only that, but we have a better chance of being accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who walk closest to the Spirit are the ones that God wants. This does not necessarily imply that God loves the rest of the people in the world less. This does imply, however, that what God has created to be good has, in turn, caused humans to be bad. God is doing everything He can to bring good into the universe, as Satan is the cause for all bad things that happen. Humans are closer to God if they are good -- however, Satan causes humans to make choices that turn them away from God.
Love is good; therefore God loves us all unconditionally. However, does God really love us all equally? If He does not love...

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