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Our Society’s Unhealthy Obsession With Size Zero

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney princesses. However, I recently made an agonising discovery. I was casually skimming through my old fairy-tale books and instead of feeling enchanted, I felt disgusted – betrayed even - that the princesses were portrayed as unrealistically wafer-thin with minuscule waists. On top of that, they feature ridiculously huge villains like Ursula. If you view the princesses up in the order their movies were released, some things become strangely apparent. Just take a look at their waistlines – although Snow White starts off as incredibly thin, as time goes by the princesses become thinner. So who is to blame?
I can’t help but point the finger towards today’s super-skinny models that set these atrocious trends of ‘size zero’. We’ve all seen it: their flawless, faultless bodies plastered all over magazines. Girls end up looking up to these ‘idols’ and their minds become engrossed with this so-called idea of perfection. What is a ‘perfect’ body in the minds of young girls, I hear you ask? Well, let’s say a bunch of emaciated-looking people would be an understatement. It’s even more saddening to hear that some girls aren’t even aware of the risks and realities...
“Think models are effortlessly perfect glamour magnets lapping up the good life?”
Well think again. Former model imposed this unexpected question in which she gave an explosive insight of her own modelling career. Trying to meet impossible standards of perfection led her to lead a self-destructive lifestyle: a career of eating disorders, sexual abuse and drug addiction. She often had to lie to her fans, saying she ate healthily, when her diet staple was made up of excessive amounts of black coffee, cigarettes and intense exercise. Twenty years later, she urgently needed an emergency ablation surgery due to heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat and three holes in her heart. Is this your view of perfection?
Many saw Carré as the epitome of flawless perfection, but the reality was far from that. She describes how her image was enhanced using airbrushing. Models aren’t at all picture-perfect as they seem and girls should not strive to look like them. Unfortunately, the pressure of being a size zero is rapidly indoctrinating...

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