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Drama Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" "When reading Our Town, you are never allowed to think that you are following unique events that could only happen once" Our Town by Thornton Wilder is set in the early twentieth century in the small town of New Hampshire in USA, where nothing much really happens. The people who reside in the town live ordinary lives and the events that occur in the town are common. In fact Our Town could be just about any small town in America, but there was a reason behind why playwright Thornton Wilder made the town and the life in the town central to his play. Wilder believed that theatre was becoming to repetitive and not creative enough. Wilder created a play that had more reality in it and that people could relate to. He also wanted to create more interest in the characters so he decided to do away with props and scenery and instead uses a Stage Manager to describe the happenings in the town. Some of the common themes that are raised in play are family, growth, death and everyday life.When reading Our Town, you are never allowed to think that you are following unique events that could only happen once. The play was written so that people could relate to it. The events that happen in the town, are meant to be every day occurrences and realistic.The audience is introduced and led through the play by a Stage Manager. Throughout the play the Stage Manager gives general information about the people in the town and the surroundings. In Act 1 we are introduced to the small town in New Hampshire and the everyday people that reside with in it. The first family we meet are the Gibbs family, in the ordinary happenings of the morning, preparing for the day ahead. There is typical general family talk and concern by Mrs Gibbs of her husband. The mothers seem to be the central figures of the family in this town and hold the families together. Both Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Webb play the stereotypical mother role. They are the care takers of the family, they prepare the meals for the family, make sure that their children are always looking their best and that the family runs as smoothly as possible.Family plays a strong part in this small town which is shown with Mrs Gibbs concern for her husband, "(Mrs Gibbs): All told, you wont get more'n three hours' sleep. Frank Gibbs, I don't know what's goin' to become of you. I do wish I could get you to go away someplace and take a rest. I think it would do you good".There's also a great concern for her children as well, "(Mrs Gibbs): Children! Now I won't have it. Breakfast is just as good as any other meal and I won't have you gobbling like wolves. It'll stunt your growth- that's a fact".Since Our Town is a small town there is many relationships between the people in the town. Most of the people in the town know each other and it's hard to keep things a secret. Gossip spreads fairly quickly which...

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Our Town Essay

575 words - 2 pages Prior to seeing the performance of "Our Town," I did not know what the play was about. I knew it was by Thornton Wilder and had heard about it before, but I had not known the exact content of the play. Therefore, I was eager to see this play since it is well known and pretty famous among other plays. I left my house expecting to see a really good play. Although it is a famous play, I really did not enjoy the content of the play.I had been to the

Our Town Essay

528 words - 2 pages Our Town by Thornton WilderIntroduction:Our Town is a three-act play by American playwright Thornton Wilder.His play defies most conventional theatrical genres. The play is more of a solicitous work concerning human experience.Wilder presents a far more commemorative picture of a small town, Grovers Corners, New Hampshire.Our town is his most celebrated dramatic effort, opened on Broadway in 1938. It won Wilder his second Pulitzer Prize and

Our Town

614 words - 2 pages "Oh, Earth, you're too wonderful for anybody to realize you," said Emily in Thorton Wilder's book "Our Town". To many this is a quote to move the soul, to make a person think and realize their precious time on earth is limited and should be appreciated. However, I feel humanity is so wronged by this quote that I must argue against it. The world is a twisted place filled with pain, suffering, and boredom. People are just smart enough to look back

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699 words - 3 pages Thornton Wilder's Our Town Our Town is play written a while ago, but it relates to any time. Showing that routine is a part of everybody’s life. No matter what day and age you live in your going to have a routine. This play shows an example of two families and their daily routines. The whole play relates to routine even the different acts. Our Town takes place in Grover’s Corner, New Hampshire around the turn of the century. (1900’s). This

Making Our Town Ours

1063 words - 5 pages The play Our Town follows the everyday lives of seemingly common characters who evolve individually, as well as demonstrate important concepts, during each of the three acts. By utilizing many literary aspects in Our Town including setting, symbolism, and plot, Thornton Wilder creates an allegory for the universal experience that appeals to human nature as a whole. In Our Town, much of the setting is created by verbal narration, as opposed to

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535 words - 2 pages In a brief sum up, Our Town is a play based only on imagination. If you don't have an imagination, you'll be staring at a bare stage because there are few props on stage. It is a play based on life; its shown as how the author sees it, relates to it and lives in it. He shows us that we take our lives for granted as we watch two families in the 1900's. The author is Thornton Wilder. It was written in 1934-1938, United States and publishes in 1938

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698 words - 3 pages Our Town is a play that takes place near the turn of the century in the small rural town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. The playwright, Thornton Wilder is trying to convey the importance of the little, often unnoticed things in life. Throughout the first two acts he builds a scenario, which allows the third act to show that we as humans often run through life oblivious to what is actually happening. Wilder attempts to show life

Our Town by Thorton Wilder

1057 words - 4 pages Somewhere among the grassy hills of New Hampshire lies a very small town called Grover’s Corners. This village at least exists in a play, “Our Town”, written by Thornton Wilder. “Our Town” is a play that is divided into three acts, “Daily Life”, “Love and Marriage”, and “Life and Death”, accordingly. The play, by each act, describes the world of the very small town of Grover’s Corners and the people living and communicating in that secluded town

"Our Town" by Thornton Wilder

1785 words - 7 pages help explain that exactly both families are going through. The play Our Town is played in a span of twelve years. It takes place in Grover's Corners, New Hampshire in 1901 to 1913. Grover's town is a small, rural, and what we would call today, a fictional town. Mrs. Gibbs (Jayne Atkinson) and Dr. Gibbs (Frank Converse) have young daughter Rebecca (Kristen Hahn) and teenage son George (Ben Fox) who is going through the stages of life. At first while

Our Town Essay by Ahkeyla Lee

1096 words - 5 pages “Here’s the grocery store and here’s Mr. Morgan’s Drugstore. Most everybody in town manages to look into those two stores once a day (5.Stage Manager.) A small town without a lot of people, that’s exactly what the line above just told us. In the Play Our Town the stage manager tells us about a small town called Grover’s Corner. According to Professor Willard “within the town’s limits: 2, 640. (23 Willard)” That’s the population of this little

Pessimism in Thornton Wilder's "Our Town"

620 words - 2 pages Thornton Wilder epitomizes pessimism in "Our Town" through the everyday actions of the characters, the trivialness of life, and the attitudes of the dead toward their once loved world. People are spent through their meaningless everyday tasks, characters are shown to be worthless in comparison to the universe, and the attitudes of the dead about life are dull. These effects add up to illustrate Wilder's idea of pessimism.One way Wilder shows

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Our Town Essay

953 words - 4 pages Our Town "Our Town", by Thornton Wilder, written in 1938, was first performed at the McCarter theatre, New Jersey, on the 22nd of January1938. It is an example of meta theatre, and chronicles the lives of ordinary, everyday people, during their ordinary, everyday lives. The story is based in Grover’s Corners, a small town in New Hampshire, set at the turn of the century. The play involves three main acts, each focussed upon a

Our Town Essay

516 words - 2 pages Our Town The rising action in the story of "Our Town" is when George Gibb's wife dies at the age of 26 while having her second child. The climax of this story is when George Gibb's wife accepts the faith of death. Many people died before the death of Emily Webb. Those people were Wally Webb, Mrs. Gibbs, Simon Stimson, and Mrs. Soames. The author, Thorton Wilder only uses the use of flashbacks once. The flashback was with Emily Webb. The

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1759 words - 7 pages "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder By Will Underdown "˜When reading "Our Town," you are never allowed to think that you are following unique events that could only happen once.' "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder is a celebration of the absolutely ordinary. It illustrates the mundane routines of life that often go unnoticed and taken for granted. In "Our Town", Wilder does not offer anything that is unique, but rather deals with universal themes

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730 words - 3 pages This play is called our town. It was written by Thornton Wilder and technically it's not being produced by any one. This is just a paper on the play. My name is Josiah Correll I will be your stage manager, only I'm not narrating the play I'm writing about it.The lead character in this play is the stage manager. He is the narrator of the play and on my opinion it is this character that makes this play so incredibly creative. This character breaks