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Our Trip To Canada Essay

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A wonderful land full of beauty and wildlife.

Article by: Teagan Janssen, Victoria Fitts, and Jaylen Cherry

We were all exploring the tundra when we saw a greyish brown ball of fur run by. Oh, wait, you don’t know what we are talking about, let me explain. We were on our great summertime excursion to Canada to do some research on Canadian animals. We are focusing on three different animals, the American Kestrel, the Arctic Fox, and the American beaver,and wow! Are those some cute animals!

The ball of fur that ran by was probably the cutest ball of fur that I have ever seen. That ball of fur was the Vulpes lagopus, more popularly known as the Arctic fox. I know what you’re thinking when you picture and Arctic fox,it has a white coat. That is normally true, but on this trip we saw the fox in its summer form, and I must say, it is not nearly as cute. Did you know that the Arctic fox can give birth to 5-10 cubs per ...view middle of the document...

We saw a great big shadow over our heads, and looked up to find the majestic American kestrel. The rel is found in almost every habitat with a large range including tropical lowlands, American Kestrel lives in dryland areas and deserts. The American Kestrel is an especially cute short legs and toes, pointed wings, and a compact, curved bill. We were very lucky to see a lot of them in their natural habitat. Surprising, there are 17 different species of the American Kestrel each varying in size and color. The American Kestrel have a great increasing population range coming back strong with about 1,200,000 breeding pairs in just North America alone! They are very beautyful birds mate for life and have about 5-6 babies in their lifetime. There are many American Kestrel conservation programs, but since the American Kestrel numbers are rising, really only injured American Kestrels go into the conservations.
Next, we are moving on to the fascinating American Beaver. The American Beaver’s habitat is found in slow-flowing brooks, streams, rivers. They also are really fast swimmers and they dive most of the time and can give their webbed feet and tail for most of the credit. Plus, did you know that the American Beaver has about 4-5 babies and they're so cute. Thier muscled body is shaped more like a marine animal than a terrestrial mammal. The American Beaver eats plants, and chews the bark of the tree to get sticks to build his or her dam. These are a couple of the predators of the American Beaver; bears, mountain lions, people, coyotes. Plus, did you know that when in danger it smack its tail on top of the water and you can hear it super far away even in the water. They can weigh up to 88-110 pounds. To name some of the advantages of the American Beaver are that the ponds control the erosion, provides valuable habitat for waterfowl, and other wetland wildlife.
In our expedition, we saw a lot of amazing things!!! Canada is clearly a land of beauty and majestic animals! Our experience was a great one, and we were so fortunate to see the American Kestrel, the Arctic Fox, and the American Beaver.

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