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Our World Is Filled With Sensors

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Wireless sensor networks are a rapidly growing area for research and commercial development in the field of science and technology. We practically live in a world filled with sensors. These networks have great long term economic potential, and an ability to transform our lives but they also pose many new system-building challenges. Most common example of WSN around us is the buildings that we work in. They have sensors monitoring the temperature, occupancy, smoke and fire, and security. Another example is present in our cars which contain dozens if not hundreds of sensors, monitoring the performance of the engine ,passenger safety equipment, and braking to name a few. Recently, new video camera sensor board in conjunction with the 3G module for Wasp-mote [Wasp-mote uses ZigBee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols to send low bandwidth data such as humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels, and high speed W-CDMA and HSPA mobile networks to upload video] allows to take photos and record videos and send them to the Cloud by using high speed HSPA, Wideband Code Division Multiple Access and 3G cellular networks in the same way as the smart phones do. This means that sensor nodes send not only discrete sensor information such as temperature or humidity (which can be encoded using just a single number) but also complex streams of information such as photos and videos. This new feature allows developers the creation of new Security, Surveillance and Military applications. But the reliablity of the wireless channelis very less in nature, and a number of phenomena can prevent a transmitted packet from reaching a receiver such as interference or node failure. Deployment of a sensor network in a target area is another issue as it can be a continuous process, for example to replace nodes with depleted batteries or nodes that have been destroyed due to environmental influences. In general, deployment establishes an association of sensor nodes with objects, creatures, or places in order to augment them with information-processing capabilities. The papers considered for this seminar focuses on overall performance analysis of this technology and also on its various challenges which are discussed below.

2.1. Challenges in WSN
Wireless sensor networks have recently emerged as a premier research topic but sensor networks pose a number of new conceptual and optimization problems such asdeployment, location and tracking in that many applications rely on them for needed information. The previous works done in this fiels so far are scattered across all of the systems layers: from physical layer to data link layer to network and application layer. In this seminar paper, an overview of wireless sensor networks and issues involved in employing them are presented for different issues like Coverage determination, Medium Access Control, Data Dissemination, data gathering and Security.
2.2. Coverage
A sensor’s prime function is to sense the environment for any occurrence of the...

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