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When a doctor goes to tell a family that their relative has died, in some cases, it might not actually be true. It might be the truth for a couple moments, but in an instant they could be back to the lively person they were before. Many people have told stories about things that have happened to them, either when they have been close to death or are already pronounced dead. They come back to the modern world and tell their stories of what happened to them as they were on the edge of life and death. “At least five and perhaps as many as thirty-five out of one hundred people have had an out-of-body experience in their life” (“Out-Of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams”). More people than what the news has covered have experienced such occurrences in their existence. Coming back to life or having an out body experience is an occurrence some people have gone through.
An out of body experience (OBE) is something that can happen once someone is pronounced dead, having surgery, or even when they are perfectly healthy. “Out-of-body experiences are personal experiences during which people feel as if they are perceiving the physical world from a location outside of their physical bodies” (“Out-Of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams”). The justification of OBEs can be taken from a scientific point of view and a spiritual point of view. Scientists have an explanation for why an occurrence of this sort can happen. “They begin when a person loses contact with sensory input from the body while remaining conscious” (“Out-Of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams”). The person is aware of everything around them, but they cannot control their five senses. It is almost like a dream, and a person feels disconnected from their body.
The other explanation of OBEs can be described from a spiritual point of view. Some believe that these type of experiences are caused by an more important, higher source, such as the Lord Himself. 2 Corinthians 5:8 says, “We are confident I say and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord” (“Out of Body”). Being away from the body can give a person no other distractions and just give them time to be close to God. It is during that time, that God is trying to teach something. Both, scientific reasoning and spiritual reasoning, can give explanations to why people have out-of-body experiences.
At some point in their life, everyone has probably wondered where they will go when they pass away. No one really knows if they will understand what is happening to them during death, or if they will be completely unaware of the entire process. When someone dies, their physical body stays on the earth, but their soul or spirit goes elsewhere. “After death the subtle body travels to subtle plane of existence such as Heaven or Hell depending on its merits or sins and its spiritual level” (“Where Do We Go after Death”). If a person was a Christian and they led a respectable life, they will be rewarded by going...

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