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Out Of Control; Exploitation In The World

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Out of Control; Exploitation in the World
People are most commonly taken advantage of because their weaknesses are preyed on and played; their own faults are used against them to help a cause that they have no say in the matter. Child soldiers, suicide bombers and tourism on a corrupt impoverished country all fall into the dominated group because they’re all targeted for a specific reason. Beah, Said, Khaled and the country of Antigua are constantly led to believe that these sadistic acts that are diminishing their home are for the benefit of both themselves and their people. Shown in three different areas; Antigua, Africa and the Palestinian Territory, there is a common bond of an authoritarian figure taking advantage of an innocent group of people or Country for the benefit in favor of themselves. Although exploitation is used to help the dominator, the acts tend to belittle all that is taken advantage of whether it is the country or person.
Like many kids in Sierra Leone, Africa in the 90’s, Ishmael Beah was forced against his will to become a child soldier and fight for a cause he didn’t truly know the reasons. The child soldiers for the army were led to believe that killing innocent people was the right answer. The leader of the army told the children “think of it as destroying a great evil. It is the highest service you can do for your country” (Beah, 108). The lieutenant was being hypocritical because his army was carrying out the same violent acts as the Rebels. There is a very high chance that the Rebel leaders were telling their child soldiers the same things. The leaders of the army were preying upon the fear of the children who don’t know the difference between right and wrong anymore. They knew the children feared dying so giving them an ultimatum between dying or killing people, benefiting the leader because it was fairly obvious the children would do anything to survive. But what’s even more interesting is that these leaders were telling the children that the rebels “have lost everything that makes them human. They do not deserve to live” (Beah, 108). The army leader led the children to believe that the acts they were committing were completely different from the acts the rebels committing, when in reality, they were one in the same. They were taking advantage of the fact that these kid’s parents were most likely killed in the war, and so they were constantly embedding into their minds that the rebels killed them, causing the kids to want to avenge their parent’s death.
Beah’s told the audience that “every time I stopped shooting to change magazines and saw my two young lifeless friends, I angrily pointed my gun into the swamp and killed more people” (119). Only a few days after his lieutenant’s speech, Beah had become the person the army hoped to have. He was under direct control, following all the orders given to him. At times when it appeared Beah was no longer being exploited, little things showed that he still was; such...

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