Out Of My Comfort Zone Essay

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As I left the evocative surroundings of my native hometown of Ikorodu, Nigeria, I immediately knew of the harsh cold weather that awaited me in Canberra, Australia.
I woke up with a tremendous pain in my head. "Uggh," I said. It’s going to be another one of these days. I got out of the warmth of my bed, and into what felt life the usual winter harshness of my unorganised and cluttered room, but for some reason, it felt even colder today. I put my winter coat over my trashy, blue t-shirt and went to the thermostat. There was a note taped to the thermostat; it read, "Dear Tool, here’s what you get for being born, Love, Your Brother ". I flipped over the note to see how cold he made it. I turned the thermostat back to the normal temperature, and went to the computer room to check the weather and the current affairs in Nigeria. While logging on, I thought about my life back in Nigeria, and how it has changed since arriving in Australia. My mum held a managerial position at work, my dad was heavily involved in the field of Medicine and my older brother was just familiarising himself to the same daily routine. A day in my life included waking-up very early in the morning, starting school at 6:45am, arrive home at 3:30pm, do my home-work and prepare for the same routine the next day. For my brother, I remember seeing numerous pictures of him next to all of the football and basketball players, hanging out with them in the locker room. However, that all ended for him, when we moved down to a quiet but large country, Australia.
All I knew about Australia was the fact that it was a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. The very second we arrived in Australia, and apart from the deadly cold weather conditions, I remembered the constant barrage of pushing and shoving from my brother throwing me on the ground, and exclaiming, “Is he dead yet?”
My thought was broken by the sound...

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