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Out Of The Darkness Essay

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~The Hunters Lodge~
She walked into the hunger’s lodge alone, covered in exotic rare furs, shaking off the snow, her body feeling chilled from the icy winter winds. As she shed her stoll, golden bronze sun kissed skin was revealed and shimmered in the glow of the firelight. Her leather corset was cinched tightly at the waist and her flesh kissed pants were made of the finest deerskin that melted into her like a second skin. The finely crafted leather was soft and supple against her toned flesh and the scent of leather eluded from her heated flesh. The snow was still falling outside, the fire crackling in the hearth as it warmed the spiced wine for the guests filled the lodge with an ...view middle of the document...

He watched as she began painting a picture on canvas with the cinders, alone in her thoughts, with candle light dancing in her coal black eyes. Sitting back He studied her, this Man who would become her Master. He had seen this one many times before at Hunter gatherings, and now, with intrigue and wonderment, He sought out what was behind her masks of playful, brattiness, and sorrow. He knew the walls she had built stood strong but for a small crack. This was the element which intrigued Him so, He knew there were passions and desires within her that no one had ever touched. He knew He had the power and grace to touch the darkness within those walls. He watched her for some time, then cleared His throat as He stood, then slowly approached her. She was startled and did not dare to lift her gaze to Him. She could feel her body tremble at the power in His voice as he touched her face and spoke: AYou, beautiful little one, enchant Me.@ She could feel her darkened soul ache with yearning as he took his cloak and set out into the winterlands. One statement, one touch from Him, and her heart was seared with a longing that could only be fulfilled by this Great Master.

Days passed, she traced and painted and longing for His return. Then, as the days of winter warmed and dripped into a melting gray, He came again. She would watch Him with amazement of who and what He was, this strong Master, and saw a warmth deep within Him. She trusted Him, but she did not dare to dream for she was the taker of dreams, the giver of beautiful fantasies, a temptress and seductress - the Goddess of the Night. He came as a friend, spending just a few moments with her on each visit. Soon He would search out her weakness and innermost desires. He would become her One.

As the days of winter melted and dripped into sunnier skies, T/they became closer, still friends, spending T/heir time riding through hills, sharing quiet chats along forested walks. She intrigued Him, the arousal which she stirred in Him was undeniable. She was His dark beauty - He was captivated. Even so, He wondered, was she worth the risk? Then one gray morning, His decision made, with warm gentle hands He cradled her soul and kissed her deeply. She was so taken with him, His grace, she was unable to realize that He was gaining entrance inside her walls. He sensed her innermost fears, even though she had hidden them so carefully. Like a subtle breeze He entered into her world and without warning shed the morning=s light into her darkness, allowing her caress the warmth of His heart as He tenderly ignited her inner soul.

In the following days, He took on the challenge of her, and her walls, and offered to take her and train her in His ways. He slowly began to realize the depths of her offering from that darkness which surrounded her like her own cloak of mystery. It was as though He boldly walked straight through her walls, headstrong, never relenting or stopping and every step she took...

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