"Out Of The Dust" By Karen Hesse.

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Out of the DustBy Karen HesseOut of the Dust takes place in Oklahoma during the dust bowl of 1934-1935. Billie Joe a long-legged redheaded girl always dreamed of seeking her fortune playing fierce piano where grass grew leaving the stirring dust behind. Billie Joe turns fifteen during the story she finds herself motherless after her father Bayard leaves a pail of kerosene on the stove, it catches fire, Billie throws it out the door catching her pregnant mother on fire and badly burning her hands. She is filled with guilt and blame but it truly was an accident later on her mother died giving birth to her stillborn son Franklin. When the two were buried, it was turning point for Billie Joe and her father. Her life was wrecked never to be what it had been viewing herself as a cripple. Her and her father grow more distant she tries filling her mother's role but finds it impossible. Her scarred hands hurt cooking and cleaning, she can't bare to look at the piano, her mothers piano. They eat dust-covered food, the wheat crops are destroyed and Bayard a stubborn farmer hopes for rain. When she can't take it anymore she runs away with the dimes saved for her to study music and a few biscuits while on the train to Arizona she becomes lonely realizing she might have left Oklahoma and her sick father escaping the dust but she couldn't escape herself. The dust made her strong, it was part of her at least her and her father had each other she knew she had to go home. At the train station her dad was there to pick her up and she called him Daddy for the first time since Ma died. She explained to him that Oklahoma was...

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552 words - 2 pages Analysis of the Movie, Daughters of the Dust Daughters of the Dust, was a movie about traditions, and the history of the women in a black family carrying these traditions. The movie starts in 1902, in an island where a family has lived for generations, since the slavery times. Part of this family, wants to leave the Island, but another part wants to preserve the traditions staying in the island. So the whole movie is about the

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869 words - 3 pages numbers (Para. 75). Environmental damage was not only caused by weather, but also by the farmers themselves. Farmers managed the fields without much thought or technique. The misuse of the land had dried out the remaining soil and turned it into dust. Considering the fact that there weren’t any techniques to prevent erosion, the grass that kept soil and moisture in place during times of drought and high winds were overturned by the farmer and their

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1102 words - 4 pages The Dust Bowl was the name given to the Great Plains area in the 1930s. Much of the region was an agricultural area and relied on it for most of their economy. Combined with The Great Depression and the dust storms, farmers in the Great Plains area were severely hurt. These farmers were seeking opportunity elsewhere near the Pacific where they were mistreated by the others already there. The mistreatment is a form of disenfranchisement, by

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1054 words - 5 pages up for falling prices. This over farming ruined the soil of it’s grasses. With no rooting to hold the topsoil, the prevailing winds of the 1930’s swept the soil all over the Midwest and destroyed any chances of farming for a profit. After it all, the need to pay off the debt they acquired while buying that expensive, new farm equipment forced the farmers to move away and get city jobs. This event was known as the Dust Bowl. In the 2010’s

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