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Out Out By Robert Frost And Mid Term Break By Seamus Heaney

1176 words - 5 pages

Analyse the two poems Out-Out by Robert Frost and Mid Term Break
by Seamus Heaney by paying particular attention to the similarities
between the two poems

'Out-Out' was written by Robert Frost who was an American poet born in
1874. He moved to the New Englandfarm country, where most of his poems
were inspired. 'Mid Term Break' was written by Seamus Heaney, who was
born on a farm in county Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

The two poems are very similar and are both about the deaths of a
young child, one about a boy who loses his hand whilst using a buzz
saw; unfortunately, he also loses his life. In Mid Term Break the boy
loses his life in a car accident. He was only left with

"A poppy bruise on his left temple"

There are also lots of differences between the two poems. In Out-Out
the young boy was from quite a poor working class background in my
opinion, which meant that the young boy had to work for the day in
order to help the family. However the boy in Mid-Term Break was from a
higher class family and seemed to be in quite a posh school.

"College sick bay"

This could mean it is a boarding school because it has its own
sick-bay. The similarities between the poems are that both of the
deaths were accidents and were also quite brutal.

Out-Out is a poem of 34 lines of just one stanza. The poem is written
in the 3rd person by somebody that is narrating the story, and that
has no connections with the happenings of the poem. The way the poem
is written also makes it less tragic, as every line flows to the next
without giving much time to think about what has happened. The rhyming
also hides some of the sadness in the poem.

One point to consider is the shape of the poem, as it vaguely
resembles the shape of a blade of a saw or also it could resemble the
screen of a life support machine at a hospital. Both could be relevant
to the poem.

The poem is based on the story of a young boy who died whilst doing a
man's job which he couldn't cope with.

"Big boy doing a man's job"

He was working in the garden when he cut his hand with the buzz saw he
was working with. The injury was so bad he had to go to hospital for
it to be amputated due to the extent of the injury. Unfortunately
during the operation, inevitably the young child died.

The title of the poem is significant because it refers to the play
Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, when Macbeth hears about the
heath of his wife.

"Out, Out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player…"

this is saying that life can end very quickly. As the young boys life
did in the poem.

The poet sets the scenery of the poem by describing

"Sweet-scented stuff"

He describes the scenery of beautiful mountains and sunset. When he
describes this, it seems as though everything is perfect in the poem
and that nothing could go wrong.

There is a quick shift in the poem as Robert Frost introduces the
rattling and the snarling....

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