Out With The Old, In With The New

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In high school writing was completely different, a paper was written over the course of a month instead of a few weeks. In college, the longest span of writing time you have is about two weeks and mostly half of that is just prewriting. In my previous English courses, prewriting was not focal point before college. Now, prewriting is one of the most important steps of the writing process. I expected a college level course to be more challenging and it definitely is. I never spent more than two hours writing papers before I entered college. I’ve learned that I like to write, and with just a little more patience and extra time I could have also excelled on my high school papers.
Our first essay was a personal narrative. I chose to write about my grandfather, because he had just passed away two weeks ago when class began and writing about him really helped me. Looking back, I think I chose a topic in heat of the moment instead of really thinking on it. When writing my essay there were several time when I wish I would have chosen a different topic, not because it was difficult to write about, but because it brought up a lot of emotion on my behalf. This essay took me several days to write, the story came naturally but the emotion took over at times. I wrote the introduction one day then worked on the remainder of the essay over the next three days. Once I had the introduction thought out I knew exactly where I wanted the story to go. I re-read the essay twice to make sure I did not leave any important details out of the story I was telling. Proofreading is no one’s favorite part of writing and I am certainly no different. I did not spend as much time proofreading as I should have. I thought through writing it on word that most of my mistakes would be caught. One of my classmates also proofread my work and caught some of the mistakes my computer or I did not catch. After the essay was complete I was very pleased with it; however, I would categorize this essay as not one of my best efforts. I could have worked a lot harder on this essay than I did.
Our second essay was a profile essay. I found this essay much easier than the first one since I was not writing about my experiences. I chose the interview my older sister, Kasey Hebert. Kasey works at the US Attorney’s Office in the criminal justice department and I chose to interview her because even though I don’t wish to pursue a career in this field, but I do find her work interesting. I am very happy with the choice I made of interviewing her for my essay. Although she could not say anything specific her story of how she got to where she is now was inspiration. Even though I knew Kasey prior to our interview I do not think it had an effect on my writing, if anything, it made it easier. Trying not to laugh during the interview was the worst part. I conducted the interview on September 28, 2013. I only conducted one interview since I knew some of the details before asking her questions. The interview...