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Running Head: OUTBACK STEAKHOUSEOutback SteakhouseChristi RamirezMGT/330Dr. Elliot SerUniversity of PhoenixJanuary 31, 2008Outback SteakhouseOSI Restaurant Partners, LLC, headquartered in Tampa, Florida was founded in 1988 by those who believe in hospitality, sharing, quality, being courageous and having fun! OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC is a company of restaurants that owns and operates Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Roy's Restaurant, Bonefish Grill, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Lee Roy Selmon's, Cheeseburger in Paradise and Blue Coral Seafood & Spirits(Outback, 2007). Outback Steakhouse is a huge company who has many people who care about one another. Each manager is carefully selected and makes sure that they live by Outback's principles and beliefs. Two organizational resources that management in this organization uses are knowledge and human resources.Human ResourcesHuman Resources at Outback Steakhouse play a critical role in the company's value chain, as various cost drivers are associated with this link. Emphasis on human resources is a key component of the company's differentiation strategy, yet there are costs associated with upholding this differentiation (Hallinan, 2005). There are two aspects of restaurant labor operations that Outback Steakhouse places significant energy and value on. Employment recruitment and training is one of them. Getting a job at Outback Steakhouse is no easy task. The hiring process is very intense and requires a great deal of knowledge and testing. Once hired, the training portion is even more intense. Depending upon the job that has been given, the training takes many days. Outback's total labor costs average 24 percent of restaurant revenues over the past 4 years, which is 6 percent lower than comparable companies in the casual dining segment. Outback states that it has the lowest employee turnover in the industry, approximately 2 percent per year, which has lead to reduced labor costs (Hallinan, 2005).Outback Steakhouse's human resource department has recently started focusing on a diverse restaurant. Improved fairness in pre-employment screening can help the foodservice industry better tap a thinning labor pool and correct demographic inequities by increasing racial and cultural diversity among managers and executives, prominent operators and human resources experts have concluded. Outback Steakhouse has been working with human resources consulting firm CorVirtus on improving its recruitment methods. Minorities account for 30% to almost half of all foodservice workers at the hourly level, but minorities' percentages decline at the management level, various industry studies have found. Culturally unbiased testing is just one of the elements in a varied approach that is needed to maintain an open and fair hiring practice (Berta, 2006). A diverse workplace is what our society needs to start focusing on. Places of work need to be careful when hiring is involved. The...

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754 words - 4 pages still struggle a bit in English, but I am now in a college level course for English, which is astonishing for a kid that used to be in a special education class for English. Every day I have to overcome my ADHD. I no longer have time to slack off or not concentrate due to my busy schedule. For example, I currently wake up at 6 a.m. to go to baseball, then to school, then out to work at Outback Steakhouse, and when I get off work at 10 p.m. I get to do homework for however long it takes. So there is no time for me to mess around and goof off like I once did. Too many people are counting on me, such as, my co-workers, teammates, fellow students, and me.

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