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Outcast Essay

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A little girl hides in the shadows because the fear of being judged is so immense that it leaves her scared to the world surrounding her. This perception of the outside world forces the girl to wear a mask concealing away her true self. Leaving a void that yearns for friends, “not friends with the same mask but those with the same reason to hide under them...”(JAJAvankova). A true story based on the concept by Jaja Vankova and assisted by Phillip Chbeeb told this tragic story through the soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands main theme. The performance was filmed on location at the Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio on North Hollywood, Ca in Los Angeles and uploaded to the Youtube channel “Jajavankova” on January 1, 2013. Portraying the emotional toll that other peoples perceptions can have on the mind of a young girl, fearing for every movement is being judged. Successfully telling the story through different styles of dance by the emotions that one goes through as a result of these actions. The way Jaja, along with the other characters, embodies the theme and how the overall piece was preformed best to the true story’s tale also contributed to success of this piece. The main theme, of a little girl looking for friends with the same reasons to hide, brought this story to life.
Phillip Chbeeb begins the tale with a monolog introducing Jaja’s character as lonely and companionless with only painted stick people on her hands for company. An air of hopelessness darkens her surrounding until all of the sudden her world begins to come alive with the presents of masked friends surrounding her with a comfort and warmth. All with the same reasons for hiding under their masks as she is hiding under hers. As they dance cohesively as one, the group choreography dancing becomes dispersed and more friends emerge from the background. These companions perform different styles of dancing such as contemporary, poppin’, ballet, and krumping. Different than the group choreography. Then the original group gets back together to finish off the dance they started as one. As if everything is how she always imagined it would be. However, that is what it all was a figment of her imagination.
The performance has no properties, added sounds, or gimmicks but it had what it needed to pull the main focus on the little girl. The setup of this dance was successfully designed to showcase the performance in its entirety with no...

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