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Outcast Theme In A Novel, A Film And A Song

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Authors, to illustrate the issues with society, usually use the outcast, a figure banished from or disliked by the community. The person who stands out or comes off as different, usually gets the title of outcast. Ruby Bridges, a smart African-American girl attending an all white-person school, and even Steve Jobs, growing up as kid who liked to tinker with objects and who never had many friends, were great modern examples of outcasts. The constant human condition of needing to feel more powerful than others drives people to call others, “outcasts.” The Outsiders, a great novel about outcasts, uses a group of people, the greasers, as the outcasts of the story. The Waterboy, an unpopular ...view middle of the document...

The greasers, themselves, are the outcasts of the town because of their background as thieves, orphans and gang members. The Socs instigate the greasers specifically because they know of the power they hold over the greasers. The analogy Susan Eloise Hinton uses in this novel, written in the mid 1900’s, applies to today also. It shows the struggles between the lower class and the higher class. Many schools, both public and private, face the same problem, that the children born into the higher class feel they deserve power over the lower class and in their minds, the lower class, the outcasts of society, need guidance by the higher class. The Outsiders describes the relationship between higher and lower classes extremely well, and shows that people become labeled as outcasts of society because of human nature.
The Waterboy, a surprisingly unpopular 1990’s movie starring Adam Sandler, illustrates the challenges faced by Bobby Boucher, an outcast in the eyes of many because of his stutter and excessive sheltering by his mother. Throughout the movie, Bobby lives with his mother because supposedly his father died in the Peace Corps of dehydration; however, later in the movie the father makes an appearance saying he left his family for another woman. Bobby faces the challenges of growing up with a stutter in a single-mother household with very little education. Eventually he becomes the head water boy for the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs. After discovering the outcast of the team, Bobby, could tackle, Coach Klein convinces Bobby to play football at SCLSU. Bobby uses the demeaning words of all the people around him and pretends they are the players he tackles. Being the outcast of the football team and the place he lives in, allowed Bobby to become a better football player. In The Waterboy, Coach Klein believes in Bobby and helps him reach his potential as a football player, by telling him to focus all the negative criticism into becoming a better player. Because Bobby listened to Coach Klein, he overcame his outcast stereotype, becoming a better player and person.
“Don’t Laugh At Me”, by Mark Wills, describes the feeling of an outcast in modern day society. He starts the song by stating, “I’m a little boy with glasses/ The one they call the geek” (Wills) the typical judgments people make about people with glasses. Then Wills goes on to describe, “I’m that kid on every playground/ Who’s always chosen last” (Wills) another...

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