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The subject of “Strangers Like Me” is outcasts in society. In the line, “I wanna know about these strangers like me,” the reader sees that the main character in the song feels like an outsider to his surroundings. The reader can compare this with how the monster feels in Frankenstein. The two can relate with the feeling that everything is new to them, and they do not feel like they belong. Phil Collins goes on to request, “Tell me more, please show me.” People who are foreign to a place tend to ask questions until they begin to understand. The main character in the song is begging for information from these strangers, which mirrors how the monster in Frankenstein has a hunger for knowledge from the cottagers.
The audience of this song is anyone who has ever felt alone or can relate to the feeling of not knowing. In the line, “I can see there’s so much to learn,” the audience can recount to a time in their life when they have felt like they did not know enough. Everyone has heard the saying, “You learn something new every day.” This is true not only for the character in the song, but as well as the monster in Frankenstein, and everybody else in the world. Today especially, people know what it is like to be alone, and what it is like to have to try to fit into society.
The purpose of this song is for people around the world to know that they are not alone. Even when people feel like they are unaided, there are people right beside them that can teach them. In the line, “I wanna know, can you show me,” the reader can see that there are people that are willing to help them understand and accomplish anything they want to. Excuses are pointless when there are so many opportunities that can get people to where they want to be. Not only does this song show the challenges man faces, it also proves that even the most lost men can be found.
The speaker is someone who is trying to fit in with society. He says, “Whatever you do, I’ll do it too.” He wishes to know who the “strangers” are, and he wants to imitate them. He is confused when he...

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