Outcomes Of Gaining And Losing Faith

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Everyone's future depends on their self-belief and how positively they look at the events that occur in their life. This is portrayed through Suzanne Buffam’s “Trying” and Alix Ohlin’s novel Inside. The speaker and Anne both face inner conflicts; the speaker gains faith in herself which helps her overcome her conflict and have a peaceful state of mind, whereas Anne loses faith in herself which leads to her failure in overcoming her conflict and losing her confidence. The speaker’s reassuring tone shows her peace of mind contrary to which Anne’s melancholic tone which shows her low self-esteem. Furthermore, the speaker’s use of allusion shows her inner peace, which is the result of gaining faith in herself, whereas Anne’s use of diction shows the demolition of her self-esteem. Both the poem, and the novel show the importance of having faith in oneself; however the poem’s speaker gains faith through her struggles which leads to her peace of mind, and the novel’s character Anne loses her faith which results in the degradation of her self-esteem.
The speaker and Anne both struggle with an inner conflict; the speaker’s faith in herself helps her overcome her conflict, whereas Anne’s loss of faith does not let her overcome her conflict. The speaker calls her husband, “cooperative” (Buffam), but then she says, “And yet sometimes I worry that it is his fault. That either he is not trying hard enough, or that he is trying too hard …” (Buffam). It is evident from this that the speaker’s inner conflict is that she is over thinking her problems and trying too hard to get pregnant. However, she gains faith in herself and understands her conflict as she says, “…Aristotle points out that it is exclusively the irrational upon which the wonderful depends for its chief effects” (Buffam). The speaker’s reference to Aristotle shows she has figured out that she just needs to let things happen naturally, and believe that her faith will make her pregnancy happen. Even though she does not get pregnant, she gains faith in herself and it gives her peace of mind. Contrary to the speaker, Anne loses faith in herself after a few relationship breakups. She has, “the feeling of knowing nothing this good could last, of getting away with it now, for as long as she could. Let’s hope” (Ohlin 209). This proves that Anne’s inner conflict is that she hopes for her relationship with Diane to last, but does not believe that will happen. After losing faith in herself, she thinks she does not have the ability to maintain a relationship. She even says, “Other people were destined to keep leaving, over and over again” (Ohlin 229). She is saying that she will always have to abandon the people she loves. She does not understand that if she wants to be with Diane, she needs to have faith in herself. Instead, she keeps thinking the worst of herself and breaks up with Diane. Unlike the speaker who overcomes her conflict by gaining faith, Anne does not overcome her conflict as she loses her...

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