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Outdoor Education Program And Research Proposal Part 1

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Introduction and Overview
Description of the program
The proposed program is a major in Outdoor Education (OE) to be housed in the College of Education at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY. Outdoor Education is a broad and diverse field but in its most simplistic terms is a form of education that occurs outdoors. The field has strong ties to adventure, experiential, place-based, and environmental education. The OE field supports thousands of seasonal and permanent jobs nationally and statewide, with institutions like the National Outdoor Leadership School, the Teton Science School, and numerous summer camps. Students, upon completion of the program, can expect to find seasonal and year-round employment with job titles such as Park Ranger, Environmental Educator, Counselor, Trip Leader, Camp Director, Wilderness Guides, Experiential or Adventure Educators, Recreation Manager, and many more.
The OE major will build on existing relationships on campus. The major in Outdoor Education will be interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on various departments whom have committed to be part of this endeavor. This includes relationships with the Teton Science School (TSS), the articulation agreement with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and classes that the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources has been offering in conjunction with the Outdoor Program.
Part of any new major proposal must include a rigorous curriculum proposal. This proposal will include 120 credit hours that will meet the institutions Master Curriculum Standards. Additionally, this proposal will require additional human resources to teach and coordinate the undergraduate curriculum. A detailed budget, curricula, assessment plan, and a variety of other justifications and supporting materials will be provided as part of the proposal.
Description of the Institution
Founded in 1886, The University of Wyoming is a four-year doctoral granting institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The University of Wyoming is classified as a high research activity (RU/H) institution by the Carnegie Foundation. UW “provides a unique learning environment with more than 200 areas of study.” There are 15,000 students in credit programs. Students come from all 50 states and 94 countries.
A nine member Board of Trustees, appointed by the governor, governs the University of Wyoming. According to the Trustee web page:
The Governor of the State of Wyoming, the President of the University, the Secretary of Education, and the President of the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming serve as ex-officio members of the board with no vote. This board constitutes a body corporate by the name of the "Trustees of the University of Wyoming" and is granted all of the powers necessary or convenient to accomplish the objects and perform the duties prescribed by law.
The College of Education is one of seven colleges at the University. The College of Education offers 20...

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