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Outdoor Education Program And Research Proposal Part 5

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Program Leadership
Program leadership is instrumental to the success of this program. In many ways, without the leadership of the chair, this program likely would not exist. The chair must have multiple years of experience and a background in research closely related to the field of OE. This doctoral holding faculty member must also be able to manage a staff, recruit and advise students, and raise money. Additionally, the chair will be responsible for other tasks and committees as assigned by the Dean.
The chair will be responsible for hiring the other tenure-track faculty member, with the advice and consent of the Dean and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. The Chair will also hire the Adjunct faculty and the administrative assistant. In all, the chair will be responsible for hiring and procuring of equipment for the OE major.
It is not anticipated at this time that the incoming chair – the author – will need any further training and experience in the field prior to commencing duties as the chair. I have extensive leadership and teaching experience for outdoor skills, leadership, winter and water-based activities. Additionally, with a PhD in Education, and research interests closely tied to higher education, students and extensive experience in the outdoors, I am well suited to take an active role in the development and success of this program.
It should be noted that the chair will oversee the students enrolled in the Practicum. Since this is not a classroom-based course, these hours will not be factored into the chair’s teaching load. Primarily, the chair will meet with the students to ensure they know the expectations of the practicum and review and grade their final project and file the paperwork for the practicum. The chair will also enter in a grade for these students.
Space, Technology, Distance Learning, and Social Media
The program will need to have ample space to fulfill its mission. While the space requirement does not have any implication on the program budget, it does provide space allocation issues for the Facilities Planning department. The program will need a large storage room with shelving, located relative adjacent to the program offices. This storage room must be approximately 5,000 sq. ft., and must have access to a deep basin sink, commercial fridge, and dishwasher. The reason for such a large storage room is to house a large volume of outdoor equipment procured through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant.
Program offices include a reception area for an eventual administrative assistant, one 400 sq.ft. office for the chair and a 250 sq. ft. office for the second tenure-track faculty member. Four shared offices for adjunct faculty of 250 sq.ft. each will also be necessary. A small work area for a copier, printer and other office-related equipment adjacent to the reception area will be necessary. Conference rooms and classrooms will be share with other COE departments and do not need to be separately...

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