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Outdoor Learning Environment Essay

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The learning environment that I designed was for preschool aged children. The age group ranges from 3-5 years old. The learning environment will be used by approximately 32 preschoolers at one time.

A1) Preschoolers are energetic. When indoors they are expected to use walking feet and indoor voices. Being outdoors is for running, exerting physical exercise, experiencing with natural objects, and socializing. In the middle of the outdoor environment would be a large climbing structure with slides, tunnels, low monkey bars, rock wall with a rope, stationary cycle, boogie board for balancing. Over the climbing structure would be a roof because on hot days the play structure could become ...view middle of the document...

Children will learn not to go to fast because at any moment another child might want to cross the side walk. This helps develop sympathy and a respect for other classmates.
Around the bike path would be an area for grass. In the grass children are given the opportunity to run, play tag, and explore nature. In the grass would be stumps of different sizes and logs for balancing. Children in the grass area can use large muscles, balance, socialize, explore, and use imagination to imagine whatever scene they want. Tress will be in this area which allow for shade and for exploring and being in a natural scene.
On the other side of the bike path would be a large sand table with appropriate tools. The sand table can be changed weekly to invite children to come play in the sand table. The sandbox allows for a sensory experience to build, sift, and pour. Children get the opportunity to develop large muscles (digging pouring, sifting, using a funnel). The sand table can be by children who feel timid and do not want to play in a group. The child can explore in the sand table without having to feel obligated to play someone else's game with rules. But at the same time the sand table can become a social area. Children need to learn to share, ask for materials they would like to use, use their communication skills to solve problems (...

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