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Outdoor recreation has been around for more than 80 centuries. Throughout the years, outdoor recreation has evolved in many different aspects. Outdoor recreation began as a tool for survival strategies, such as hunting and fishing. As the years have passed, people went on to hunt and fish as a form of recreation. As a population, we can concur that outdoor recreation has many positive attributes such as personal satisfaction and enjoyment, as well as negative aspects that could amount to the costly engagement in outdoor recreation activity.
As the time passes, the statistics of the engagement of the population participating in outdoor recreation activities has been at a high and low. These fluctuations could cause many problems in the future of outdoor recreation activities around the world. There are three main topics that will be focused on in this paper; what affects the future of outdoor recreation, demographics, and technology. Counties, states, territories, and provinces need to realize, and take into consideration what can affect the future, such as new developments (houses, businesses, and factories), a decrease in natural resources due to lumbering, mining and oil drilling. Technology also has made a major impact on how the world functions on a daily basis. It also plays a major role in outdoor recreation activities. Some forms of technology also hold people back from experiencing outdoor recreation activities, examples are internet, gaming, and television. While many can create a positive influence for example, newer ways to travel outdoors-dirt bikes, and other types of technology that make a negative impact like soil erosion. The final topic that this paper will touch upon is the demographic factor. Governments must look at the trending age range and ethnic backgrounds that are currently more involved in outdoor recreation, and calculate wither or not in thirty years from now if there will be the same amount of individuals interested in outdoor recreation.

When we talk about the future of outdoor recreation, we must also focus on what has happened in the past. Natural occurrences have created a huge impact on the earth and how we know it as of today. The continental drift has created most of the outdoor recreation activities that we engage in, for example: mountains, rivers, lakes, etc… Natural occurrences may have played an important role thousands of decades ago, but then again in the present and in the future, many earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes have created massive disasters that have killed and destroyed millions of civilians, homes, and outdoor recreational areas. Developments for housing, factories, and businesses have produced a problematic situation for the environment; many of these new buildings are being constructed on valuable lands that could be converted into recreational parks, national parks, and educational centres that focus on the outdoors. In Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Ontario, a housing...

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