Outdoor Recreation: Human Activity Damages The Natural Balance Of An Area

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The wilderness offers many opportunities for recreation (e.g. biking, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, nature photography, riding horses, skiing, stargazing, and swimming ). Outdoor recreation fulfils an innate desire humans have to reconnect with nature and themselves. However, outdoor recreation contradicts the objective of wilderness protection. The most insignificant of human activity can extensively damage the natural balance of an area. Being able to strike a balance between the two is the responsibility of wilderness managers. By taking a realistic approach to stewardship and considering societal beliefs about wilderness, wilderness managers are able to support recreational ...view middle of the document...

Thus, a middle ground is established in the ecocentric/midcentric approach. People should be able to enjoy the great outdoors. However, that enjoyment should not be at the expense of the ever-decreasing wilderness. Recreation that is more responsible should be encouraged, such as those activities that are more primitive and wilderness-focused (for instance, hiking, or stargazing, rather than uranium-coated chainsaw fights in monster trucks).
Because people’s expectations and experiences vary greatly, (depending on time of year, length of stay, mood, etc.), the ability to manage wilderness to meet their expectations and experiences becomes a complex series of compromises. It is impossible to measure all expectations and experiences and boil them down to an “average user experience”, on which to base wilderness efforts and policies. It is important to consider American's values and motivations regarding wilderness. People commonly travel to the wilderness to escape the normal societal pressure. Therefore, it is advantageous to provide a low-stress, conflict-free space in which they can relax. However, as Newton proved, for every action is an equal but opposite reaction. By molding nature around humans, eliminating all sources of stress and competition can have a profoundly negative impact on the land. Thus, a “laissez-faire feudalistic” approach is necessary. This would mean a hands-off,...

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