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Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Essay

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Outlaw Motorcycle GangsIn the late 1940s outlaw motorcycle gangs were formed. These groups made up of veterans from World War 2, which overtime as the numbers grew they became organized and sophisticated. In the beginning there was about 800 motorcycle gangs, which eventually emerged together into four powerful groups. These groups were called the Hell's Angles, the Outlaws, the Pagans and the Bandidos. The Pagans were the only group that didn't expand their organization over seas.Outlaw Motorcycle gangs have become crime units that are very capable and well organized like the Mafia. There is documented evidence in federal court that these gangs have become organized crime equal to the Mafia. Also OMG have organized units throughout Europe, Australia, South America and Africa, and they export from the crime group. The American based motorcycle gangs use their network to spread criminal activity overseas. In moving outside the U.S. OMG make a better international criminal connection through the Italian Mafia and Columbian Cartels.Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs have written constitutions by laws and a hierarchical structure of leadership. They must attend meetings to confirm locality and pay dues. If the members don't follow these rules they are punished with a fine or even murder depending on the situation. Other characteristics of the motorcycle gangs have gang logos "colors" and the gang meetings are sometimes referred to as "church".The gang's criminal activities aren't just distribution of illegal drugs, possession and illegal sale of firearms motor vehicle theft and crimes of violence. They are involved in different criminal activities. Other enterprises of these gangs are extortion, arson for profit, prostitution, robbery, bombings, mail fraud, and the take over of legal businesses in order to lauder money. Their philosophy is to have a good time no matter what it takes or what laws are broken. Each member is very loyal to each other and everyone shares the same philosophy. An example of a philosophy used by a biker gang is "if your brother is standing next to you would you give half of what you have in your pocket? If he is hungry would you give him half of what is on your plate?" This is the loyalty the members show each other in the gang. If you wouldn't share you wouldn't be able to become a member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, and they say you should walk away.In the 1960's the motorcycle gangs thrived because the illegal drug activity. Law Enforcement didn't believe the drug methamphetamine was a threat and the gangs took advantage of the situation. Outlaw Motorcycle gangs control Forty percent of the entire U.S. methamphetamine supply. Today the illegal market is not as good as it once was due to Law Enforcement directing their force to the market. Biker Gangs soon become targets and prosecutors were brought up against key members. After the law crackdown on these members a low profile was maintained.Members of these groups used colors to...

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