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I believe Amy Lynn Lee, the lead singer and co-founder of Evanescence, is an outlier. Amy has become a huge idol to millions of people through her lyrics and the clash of her angelic voice with the thrashing metal sound of the band. She is an outlier because of the bands unique sound and her talent of writing beautiful lyrics. Amy Lee’s music has a sort of power to draw you in. You can feel the emotion in her songs with her lyrics combined with her hauntingly beautiful voice. She sings from her heart which is something my choir director tells the choir to do all the time. You can hear it in her music, she sings with such ebon flow and so gracefully. Amy Lee stands out in music. She is an ...view middle of the document...

“But then the muse came calling and Lee and her band mates felt an urgent need to express what was building inside of them.” (Evanescence.com) Lee felt that she needed to build a life outside of the band which was a personal obstacle that she needed to overcome.
On the other hand, Amy Lee has made many achievements in her career with Evanescence. According to The Famous People website, Amy Lee and her band won in two out of the five catagories they were nominated for – the ‘Best New Artist’ and the ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ for the song, ‘Bring Me to Life’ at the 2004 Grammys, the bands album ‘The Open Door’, won the MTV Australia ‘Album of the Year Award’ in 2007, she won the ‘Songwriter Icon Award’ from the ‘National Music Publishers Association’ in 2008, Evanescence won the ‘Best Rock Song of the Year’ for the song, ‘What You Want’, and the ‘Comeback of the Year’ at the 2011 ‘Loudwire Music Awards’, she was voted, ‘The Rock Goddess of the Year’, at the ‘Loudwire Music Awards’ in 2012 and also won the ‘Revolver Golden Gods Award’ for the ‘Best Vocalist’, the same year. Lee accomplished many things with the band Evanescence, and will continue to live up to her legacy
I feel that Amy Lee doesn’t necessarily feel entitled to success. While she has been very successful, she isn’t boastful. In every article I’ve read about her and the band, evanescence, she talks about the music rather than her success. You can hear it in her songs, and the way she sings. Her lyrics are from her heart and the lyrics alone are enough to prove that, but it’s also the passion with which...

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