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Outliers Rhetorical Analysis

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In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell expresses his theory of success through the 10,000 hour rule that is used to associate practice with success and achieving certain goals. He strives to influence the audience of his point of view and assumptions of successful people throughout the history of the world. Gladwell relates to various historical figures and people of well known talent and intelligence. As the author, Malcolm Gladwell believes to be very knowledgeable, influential throughout the novel. Although he provides interesting facts and statistics to his piece, Gladwell is unable to establish credibility to this information. During college and high school, he did not attain high grades that altered his decision to engage in advertising. After being rejected numerous times, he was later accepted to a journalism position. His insufficient experience and skills contributes to his low credibility and reliability. Gladwell aims to persuade or influence the audience of the importance of practice to fulfill success by also trying to teach the reader new skills. He reaches out to society to capture his inspiring discoveries including young adults in particular who are aspiring to grasp their desired dreams. He introduces the 10,000 hour rule as a goal to reach around the age of twenty or higher. Gladwell compares the lives of professional hockey players, Bill Gates, the Beatles, and Mozart to display their achievements in their later lives due to the amount of experience and practice they were able to endure. He claims that with exactly 10,000 hours of practice, expert level will be sustained in any given skill. Although Gladwell expresses his knowledge and theories of success through devices that exemplify logos and repetition of the 10,000 hour rule, he fails to provide credibility of his knowledge to the audience which affects his reliability and ethos of himself, and the novel Outliers.
In the content of the 10,000 hour rule, Malcolm Gladwell conveys his message through various people of great success. He originally maintains his concept of 10,000 hours of practice among young hockey players. Gladwell compares the children’s date of birth with their success. He concludes that if they are born around January or February, they manage to have the ability to play in the younger age group, creating an advantage with height, strength, and experience. To Gladwell, this relates to the 10,000 hour rule considering the players would be on a higher placed or more talented team administering more practice time and game-play. Gladwell compares the hockey players to other characters such as Bill Gates. Gates was introduced to the birth of technology when he was a young teen in high school. He was removed from class to work on special computer programs contributing to his numerous years of pratice. Gladwell then compares the previous people to the Beatles. He relates their lives of rejection and...

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