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Outline And Assess Sociological Arguments Of Changing Patterns Of Achievement By Gender.

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Historically, boys have always achieved more in education but since the early 1990s girls have begun to out-perform boys at most levels of the education system, including SATS, GCSE and A levels. Explanations for this change include reasons for female improvement as well as male 'failure'.A medical study of both male and female six-month-old babies was carried out in order to find out how much the brain responds to certain stimuli. When the children heard a variety of noises, the female response was a lot greater than any male response. This research suggests that from birth girls have a language acquisition which is naturally in place. Nevertheless this would mean that girls have always possessed this ability and yet why is it that only in the last decade girls have begun to achieve more than boys?The new service economy requires certain skills from its workers, inter-personal skills, communication, linguistic ability and organisation. All of which are essential and are most commonly thought of as female skills. These skills could arguably be biologically set in females or they could be a result of their upbringing, their socialisation and the way that they are nurtured from a young age, but either way, these skills have always been required for the top jobs so does not explain the recent demand for female employees.There is evidence to show that girls are more motivated and work harder than boys, putting more effort into their work and spending more time on homework. They take more care with the presentation of their work, are more organised and meet deadlines more successfully than boys. Whilst boys have a lot more freedom to go out and 'play', girls are far more protected in their 'bedroom culture'. Girls will stay at a friend's house and socialise and often do homework or study with friends. Also whilst boys will be active, girls will relate by talking and interacting. This puts girls at an advantage because school is essentially a language experience, and most subjects require good levels of comprehension and writing skills. Although this is too deterministic, how many girls never go out?Female improvement could have come about through the more positive portrayal of females in the media e.g. The Spice Girls 'Girl Power' and entrepreneurs such as Anita Roddick who established the 'Body Shop'. These powerful women provide aspirations for younger generations who have the opportunity to succeed also.There are increasing job opportunities for women in the service sector of the economy. Due to businesses that operate in the tertiary sector, jobs are suited to the working mother with temporary, flexible, part time hours. As Harris discovered in his study of 'Parental Regimes', many girls have mothers in paid employment who provide positive role models. As a result, girls recognise that the future offers them more choices, economic independence and careers are now a real possibility. However, there is also the possibility that working mothers could...

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