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Outline And Assess The Argument That Power Relationships In The Family Have Fundamentally Changed.

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I do agree with the idea that power has been transferred from just being controlled by men to women. Overall they have changed from the traditional male dominance but there are a few areas where change has and hasn't occurred and whether it has benefited or made a difference in the family and if its equal, I will outline the common areas of violence, economic, decision, financial and domestic tasks and how they are shared out in the present family.Domestic violence is estimated to be the most common type of violence in Britain although it is notoriously difficult to measure and document, because it takes place behind closed doors, often without witnesses. It is also difficult to define. As Scalter (2001) notes, some behaviour such as kicking and punching, is easily recognizable as violent, but behaviour such as threats, verbal abuse, psychological manipulation and sexual intimidation are less easy to categorize and may not be recognized by some men and women as domestic violence.Official statistics tell us that violence by men against their female partners accounts for a third of all reported violence. Stanko's (2000) survey found that one incident of domestic violence of domestic violence is reported by women to the police every minute in the UK.70% of reported domestic violence is inflicted by men to women estimated that 1in 4 women experience domestic violence in some stage in their lives.In the past men had the right to beat their wives without any charge and was a common occurrence without the need to report it since women had no power to do anything about it.Feminists pointed out that society has, until fairly recently due to the growth of shelters available from the 1970's, condemned male violence in the home. Both the state and criminal justice system have failed to take the problem seriously, although there are signs that the Labour government and police forces are now willing to condemn and punish such violence. Some feminists believe that as long as men have the capacity to commit such violence, there can never be equality within marriage. The fact still remains that although society frowns upon it now it hasn't really changed since there have been more reported incidents since women are now protected by law so overall there hasn't been a decrease in domestic violence against women but an increase in reporting it.On top of violence against women there exists child abuse. Steve Taylor (1991) has drawn our attention to the problem in defining and measuring the level of child abuse, particularly critical of the research methods used to collect information on the levels of child abuse. Taylor points out that there are based either on official statistics collected by the home office, organisations such as Child Line or from victim surveys. He argues that these are flawed due to the authorities being in contact with working class or poor families so any abuse would be uncovered, so Taylor suggests that they may not be representative of...

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