Outline And Literature Review On Management

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Literature Review OutlineMotivation of employees and creating harmony in the workplaceThree issues that considerably add to higher levels of employee motivation and performance, Nemerov (1993)Supervisors should enhance the motivational climate in the workplace, Atwood (2004)Employees Motivation and Theories and their Implication for EmployeeRetention within Organizations, Ramlall (2004)Management style of managers in Sierra Leone is based on autocratic-democratic approachEmployee can be motivated and retained with concerns, and listening to the problems that arise and working with participatory, David and Christine (1998).Instilling satisfaction within employees is a crucial task withinmanagement, Mark and Robert (1998)Western theories are relevant to Sierra Leone practice of motivation, which has proved usefulEmployee RetentionA stable workforce can bring a competitive advantage in today's turbulentworkforce in Sierra LeoneThe most valuable workforce in organization is having a pool ofworkforce of competent and dedicated employees, Maslow (1990, p.61)ReferencesDavid, R., Christine, P. (1998). Industrial and CommercialTraining. MCB University, Press (30) 5, 165-170Mark, A. T., Robert, M. M. (1998). Management Decision. MCBUniversity Press, (36) 4, 226Maslow, A. (1990), The Human Side of Enterprise, McGraw-Hill,New York, NY, p.61Nemerov, D.S. (1993). Motivating and creating harmony in theCall Center, telemarketing (11) 8, 53-57Ramlall, S. (2004). Review of employee motivation theories andtheir implication for employee retention within theOrganizations' Journal of American Academy of BusinessCabridge, (5) 12, 52-63Annotated BibliographyEskildsen, Jacob. (2000, July). "The managerial drivers of employee satisfaction and loyalty". Total Quality Management. Retrieved on February 27, 2009 from www.leadsucceed.comThe global marketplace is unattractive doing business. The piece of writing explains the difficulty in motivating workers and offers job contentment. The article presents evidence of study carried out from successful firms that uphold an atmosphere that is favorable to the growth and welfare of workers and how they quantify their contentment.Farber, Barry. (2000, Oct.). "Rise Above it." Entrepreneur.(28): 126. Retrieved on February 27, 2009 from www.leadsucceed.com.This article explains how to secure work contentment. The author explains 4 ways to be motivated and invigorated. He outlined the following rules: 1. Nurture optimistic influences. 2. Check content input. 3. Be proactive. 4. Try to be objective with your goals and pursue them. The author further...

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